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was launched on September 20, 2003. The site was founded by Mike Andrews, a self-proclaimed baseball analyst and local Bostonian. Mike has been following the Red Sox farm system in depth since 1998.  The site has a staff of over 20 volunteers, including writers, editors, content managers, scouts, and moderators. We get between 10 million and of 15 million page views per year. SoxProspects, LLC owns SoxProspects.com and all of its content.

For some history on SoxProspects.com, check out:
The minor league site that could: How SoxProspects.com became a regular part of the Red Sox world by Jen McCaffrey of The Athletic (subscription required)

SP News

At SoxProspects News, we cover each affiliate game in our daily Cup-of-Coffee segment, bring our readers in-depth coverage of the Amateur Draft, report on player movement and Red Sox system notes, and publish several regular feature columns.

The SoxProspects Forum

The SoxProspects Forum is home to numerous registered members who enjoy discussing the topic of Red Sox prospects.  We'd like to think that the site and the Forum have combined to become the number one source for Red Sox prospect information.

Live Appearances

We have appeared live on the following broadcasts:
NESN Daily - NESN (Boston)
The Baseball Show - NESN (Boston)
Toucher & Rich - 98.5 FM The SportsHub (Boston)
Adam Jones Show - 98.5 The SportsHub (Boston)
▪ The Section 10 Podcast - Barstool Sports
▪ The Bradfo Sho Podcast - WEEI (Boston)
Hardcore Baseball Podcast - 98.5 The SportsHub

ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones (Boston)
PawSox Insider - 920 WHJJ AM (Providence)
The Big Jab Weekend Warmup - 96.3 FM (Portland)
Portland Sea Dogs Radio Broadcast - 1490 AM WBAE
Salem Red Sox Radio Broadcast - 960 AM WFIR
Greenville Drive Radio Broadcast - MiLB.com
Lowell Spinners Radio Broadcast - 980 AM WCAP
The Drive - 92.9 The Ticket (Bangor)
Downtown with Rich Kimball (Bangor)
Cail and Company - 107.7 FM The Pulse (NH)
The AJ Kanell Show - ESPN Radio Vermont

The Press Pass - WCAP 980 AM (Lowell)
New Hampshire Today - 107.7 FM WTPL (Hillsboro)
After Further Review - 104.5 FM ESPN (Louisiana)
Pittsburgh Sports Radio - The Fan 93.7 FM
Stan & Guy & Chris - 1250 AM ESPN (Pittsburgh)
Sports Tonight Live Chat - Comcast SportsNet
Around The Majors Podcast - BlogTalkRadio
▪ Major League Monday  - New Zealand



has been cited in the following media: Boston Globe, Boston Herald, NESN, Baseball America, Boston Metro, Portland Press Herald, Union Leader, New Britain Herald, Los Angeles Times, Boston Baseball Magazine, Diehard Magazine, Boston.com, ESPN.com, WEEI.com, NESN.com, Boston Dirt Dogs, WEEI, 98.5 The Sports Hub, WBAE, and ESPN Radio.


Prospect Eligibility

Prospects - A player will generally graduate from prospect status once he exhausts his MLB "rookie" status."  Rookie status is exhausted once a player: (1) has more than 130 at-bats in the majors; (2) has pitched more than 50 innings in the majors; (3) has been on an active major league roster for more than 45 days (not including September call-ups). The SoxProspects Staff will use discretion if these limits are close at the end of each season.  Previously, we also considered a prospect graduated from eligibility once that player turned 26 years old.  That rule was changed in September 2010.
Post-Prospects - Minor-Leaguers who have graduated from prospect "status" but who still are expected to contribute at the Major League level in the near future.
Ex-Prospects - Former Red Sox minor leaguers who are ACTIVE in the MLB or affiliated minor leagues.


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Player Team, Year

Michael Chavis

Portland, 2018

Rafael Devers

Portland, 2017

Andrew Benintendi

Lowell, 2015

Eduardo Rodriguez

Portland, 2014

Christian Vazquez

Portland, 2012

Jackie Bradley

Portland, 2012

Mookie Betts

Salem, 2013

Xander Bogaerts

Boston, 2013

Clay Buchholz

Wilmington, 2006

Jacoby Ellsbury

Portland, 2007

Dustin Pedroia

Pawtucket, 2006

Jon Lester

Portland, 2005

Jonathan Papelbon

Portland, 2005

Kevin Youkilis

Lowell, 2004

Hanley Ramirez

Lowell, 2001

Trot Nixon

Pawtucket, 1998

Jason Varitek

Pawtucket, 1997
Nomar Garciaparra Pawtucket, 1996
Mo Vaughn Pawtucket, 1992
Mike Greenwell Pawtucket, 1986
Ellis Burks Pawtucket, 1987
Roger Clemens Pawtucket, 1984
Wade Boggs Pawtucket, 1981
Jim Rice Pawtucket, 1974
Fred Lynn Pawtucket, 1974
Carlton Fisk Boston, 1971

SoxProspects.com Staff

The Brass

Mike Andrews - Editor-in-Chief
Mike founded SoxProspects.com in 2003 and works as the site's Editor-in-Chief. 
: mike@soxprospects.com

Twitter: @MikeAndrewsSP

Chris Hatfield - Executive Editor
Chris joined SoxProspects.com in 2005 and started writing columns for SP News. He now contributes as a lead editor, co-hosts the SoxProspects.com podcast, and takes care of a lot of behind-the-scenes work for the site.  He also authors features for SP News and reports from the field.
E-mail: chatfield@soxprospects.com
Twitter: @SPChrisHatfield

Ian Cundall - Director of Scouting
Ian joined the staff in October 2010. He regularly scouts games at all affiliates. He oversees our scouting reports and authors scouting features based on his first-hand observations and interactions with professional scouts. He also co-hosts the Podcast.
E-mail: icundall@soxprospects.com

Twitter: @IanCundall

James Dunne - Managing Editor
James joined the staff in November 2011, and is now one of our lead editors. He became a co-owner of the site in January 2018. He was promoted to Managing Editor in November 2019, and added to the Brass team in May 2021.
E-mail: jdunne@soxprospects.com
Twitter: @JamesDunneSP



Jim Crowell - Senior Staff Writer
Jim joined the staff in July 2011, and is now one of our lead writers. He became a co-owner of the site in January 2018.

Mike Reynolds - Senior Database Engineer
Mike has been with the site since April 2005.  In 2008, he took over full responsibility for operating and maintaining the site's stats, schedule, and standings databases. He became a co-owner of the site in January 2018.

Will Woodward - Senior Staff Writer
Will joined the staff in November 2011, and is now one of our lead writers. He became a co-owner of the site in January 2018.


Staff Writers & Editors

Harry Burnham - Senior Staff Editor
Harry joined the staff in
January 2014.

Nick Rabasco - Staff Writer & Scout
A former college baseball player, Nick joined the staff in November

Shawn McGrath - Editor
Shawn joined the staff in
February 2018.

Chris Parish - Editor
Chris joined the staff in
February 2021.


Web Editors

Joe Tetreault - Web Editor & Podcast Producer
Joe joined the staff in December 2016.  He handles stat updates and producing the podcast.

Allyson Gagne - Web Editor
Allyson joined the staff in December 2016.  She handles stat and transaction updates.

Ed Hand - Social Media Specialist
Ed joined the staff in December 2019.  He manages the site's Twitter account during affiliate games.

Mark Hanoian - Scouting Report Manager
Mark joined the staff in December 2019.  He manages the
updates to our scouting reports.


Key Contributors

Kelly O'Connor - Photographer
Dick Duggan - Statistician
Chris Andrews - IT


Forum Moderators

Norm - Moderator (Oregon Norm)
Norm joined as a moderator in February 2013

Joel - Moderator (iakovos11)
Joel joined as a moderator in November 2014.

Jason - Moderator (ramireja)
Jason joined as a moderator in July 2017.

Michael - Moderator (vermontsox1)
Michael joined as a moderator in July 2017.

John - Moderator (jmei)
John rejoined as a moderator in J
une 2021, after previously servign as a moderator for several years.



Prospect Scouting Scale
Grade Hitter Starting Pitcher Relief Pitcher ~WAR
8 Franchise Player
Mike Trout
Elite Ace
Jacob deGrom
7 Regular All-Star
Xander Bogaerts
#1/#2 Starter, Regular All-Star
Zack Greinke
5 to 7
6 Impact Everyday Player,
Occasional All-Star

Alex Verdugo
Quality #2/#3 Starter
Nathan Eovaldi
Elite Closer
Josh Hader
3 to 5
5 Average Regular
Christian Vazquez
Regular #3/#4/#5 Starter
Nick Pivetta
Solid Closer, Elite Setup Man
Matt Barnes
1 to 3
4.5 Bench/Utility Player
Marwin Gonzalez
Fringe #4/#5 Starter
Jalen Beeks
Middle/Long Reliever
Darwinzon Hernandez
0 to 1
4 Emergency Up & Down Player
Tzu-Wei Lin
Emergency Up & Down Starter
Kyle Hart
Emergency Up & Down Reliever
Domingo Tapia
3 Organizational High
Minors Contributor

CJ Chatham
Organizational High
Minors Contributor

Teddy Stankiewicz
Organizational High
Minors Contributor

Trevor Kelley
2 Non-Prospect
Non-Prospect Non-Prospect
The SoxProspects.com Prospect Scouting Scale is comprised of three numbers: (1) the player's most likely MLB projection; (2) that player's floor; and (3) that player's realistic ceiling.  The site's rankings are based on each player's most likely MLB projection at the major league level, taking into account the player's floor, ceiling and the risk factor associated with each player.  Accordingly, the rankings will not necessarilly always correspond to the projection grade. The above scale provides detail and examples of what each grade means.  Approximate annual WAR for each level is also provided.  Emphasis on approximate.

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