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MLB: Jonathan Arauz
MiLB: Raynel Espinal
MiLB: Jose Espada

Selected from Boston:



MLB: Passed
MiLB: Anyelo Gomez
MiLB: Andrew Schwaab

Selected from Boston:

MiLB: Tyler Hill


AAA: Andy Ferguson
AAA: Luke Tendler


MLB: Josh Rutledge
AAA: Harrison Cooney
AAA: Josh Smith

Selected from Boston:

MLB: Justin Haley (by LAA, traded to MIN via SD)
MLB: Aneury Tavarez (by BAL) (returned)


MLB: Passed
AAA: Jhonny Polanco
AAA: Anyelo LeClerc
AA: Passed

Selected from Boston:

AAA: Jesus Loya (by CHC)


MLB: Jandel Gustave (traded)
AAA: Passed
AA: Passed

Selected from Boston:

MLB: Jason Garcia (by HOU)


MLB: Passed
AAA: Jonathan Roof
AA: Passed

Selected from Boston:

MLB: Michael Almanzar (by BAL) (returned)


MLB: Jeff Kobernus (traded)
AAA: Jack McGeary
AAA: Jon Bachanov
AA: Passed

Selected from Boston:

MLB: Josh Fields (by HOU)
MLB: Ryan Pressly (by MIN)


MLB: Marwin Gonzalez (traded)
AAA: Gerardo Olivares
AA: Passed

Selected from Boston:

MLB: Cesar Cabral (by KC)


MLB: Passed
AAA: Passed
AA: Passed

Selected from Boston:

MLB: Cesar Cabral (by TB) (returned)
MLB: Daniel Turpen  (by NYY) (returned)



MLB: Passed
AAA: Passed
AA: Passed

Selected from Boston:

MLB: Jorge Jimenez (by HOU) (returned)
MLB: Armando Zerpa  (by TB) (returned)


MLB: Miguel Gonzalez (from LAA)
AAA: Jason Rice (from CWS)
AAA: Miguel Marquez (from SEA)
AA: Passed


MLB: Passed
AAA: Passed
AA: Passed

Selected from Boston:

MLB: Jose Capellan (by SF) (returned)
MLB: Lincoln Holdzkom  (by Phi) (returned)
AAA: Mauricio Mendez  (by Pit)


11: Nick Debarr (from TB) (returned)


10: Jamie Vermilyea (from Tor)  (returned)
AAA: Victor Ramos (from CHC)
AAA: Jason Richardson (from Atl)
AAA: David Bacani (from NYM)

Selected from Boston:

AAA: Henry Cabrera (by Pit)
AAA: Vince Harrison (by StL)


MLB: Adam Stern (from Atl)
AAA: Tony Granadillo (from StL)
AA: Steve Langone (from LAD)

Selected from Boston:

AA: Milton Tavarez (by Tor)


MLB: Lenny DiNardo (from NYM)
MLB: Colter Bean (from NYY) (returned)


R1) Javier Lopez (from Ariz) (traded)
R2) Matt White (from Cle) (returned)

R2) Adrian Brown (from Pit) (outrighted)

Selected from Boston:

R1) Wil Ledezma (by Det)
R3) Jerome Gamble (by Cin) (returned)


Selected from Boston:

R1) Marty McCleary (by Mon) (returned)
R2) Chris Reitsma (by TB) (returned)


R1) Joel Adamson (from Oak)


R1) Joe Crawford (from NYM) (sold)


R1) Vaughn Eshelman (from Bal)


R1) Reggie Harris (from Oak)


R1) John Trautwein (from Mon)
(returned and traded back to Boston)


R1) Mike Trujilio (from SF)


1978: Keith MacWhorter selected by SEA
1978: Lynn Jones
selected by DET
1974: Kim Andrew
from Bal
1973: Bill Moran from CWS
1972: Bob Gallagher from Hou
1971: Bob Gallagher from LAD
1970: Cecil Cooper selected by StL
1969: Mike Derrick from Det
1969: Hal King selected by Atl
1969: Ken Wright selected by KC
1968: Bobby Mitchell selected by NYY
1968: Russ Nixon selected by CWS
1967: Jim Hutto selected by StL
1967: George Spriggs from Pit
1966: Bill Landis from KC Athletics
1965: Gary Geiger selected by Atl
1965: Bob Heffner selected by Cle
1965: Ken Sanders from KC Athletics
1965: Jimy Williams selected by StL
1962: Bob Heffner from Cin
1962: Ted Schreiber from NYM
1961: Marlan Coughtry selected by LAD
1960: Billy Harrell from StL
1957: Chuck Churn from Pit
1956: Bob Smith selected by StL
1956: Jack Spring from Phi
1954: Bob Flowers selected by Det
1954: Joe Trimble from Pit
1952: Jack Merson from Pit
1951: Hal Bevan from Pit
1951: George Wilson selected by CWS
1950: Joe DeMaestri selected by CWS
1950: Paul Hinrichs from NYY
1949: Sid Schact selected by St. Louis Browns
1949: George Strickland selected by Pit
1948: Irv Medlinger selected by St. Louis Browns
1947: Bill Kennedy selected by Cle
1947: Babe Martin from St. Louis Browns
1947: Johnny Ostrowski from ChC
1946: Virgil Stallcup selected by Cin
1944: Loyd Christopher from Sea (PCL)
1944: Vance Dinges selected by Phil. Blue Jays
1944: Billy Holm from ChC
1943: Clem Hausmann from NYY
1943: Eddie Mayo selected by Det
1942: Herb Bremer from Little Rock
1942: Eli Hodkey selected by Phi
1942: Don Lang from NYY
1942: Nels Potter selected by St. Louis Browns
1941: Bill Conroy from Oak (PCL)
1937: Joe Walsh selected by Boston Bees
1935: Manny Salvo from Brooklyn
1933: Ed Morgan from New Orleans

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