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As we often mention, has been providing free content to Red Sox Nation since 2003. We earn some revenue from our ads, but unfortunately that revenue is generally not enough to cover our costs, which include travel expenses to scout games in New England, Virginia, South Carolina, and Florida, and technical expenses such as hardware, software, hosting fees, and subscriptions. We’ve been able to cover our costs in each of the the past couple years thanks to donations from our generous readers. It’s worth noting that similar baseball prospect sites charge for content in the range of $35 to $70 per year -- we'd like to think that we'd be worthy of comparable rates if we ever decided to go that route, but we’d prefer to operate on ad revenue and donations if possible. If you’re able donate, we thank you profusely - it's truly appreciated!

We’re offering two options for readers to donate this year:

(1) Donation Drive via PayPal – During June and July each year, we run our annual Donation Drive where we accept donations via PayPal. We’ve had tremendous success with this drive in the past thanks to our generous readership. If you want to donate during the drive (or earlier), thank you again!  To donate, click on the Donate button to the right, which will bring you to  All payments are secured through PayPal, although you don't need a PayPal account to contribute.  
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As always, thanks to our supporters, readers, and listeners!

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