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At SoxProspects.com, we are always looking for new members to join our staff. At times, we post specific job openings for positions of need, and for some positions we now accept applications year-round. Below is a list of our specific open postings for positions of need and those positions for which we are always looking for new teammates. If you are interested in joining our team and believe you're qualified, please read the below and apply!

We don’t want to toot our own horn, but joining the staff at SoxProspects.com is a great opportunity to gain experience in the field of sports media. Members of the SoxProspects staff have gone on to write for MLB.com, MiLB.com, the Baltimore Sun, Newsday, and Baseball Prospectus, among other outlets! Some staffers who have distinguished themselves over an extended period have been given other multimedia opportunities such as writing for ESPN Boston or making appearances on podcasts or radio. Others who have started by applying for open positions have gone on to become part owners of the site.

Please note that all positions on the SoxProspects.com staff are volunteer positions. If you are interested in applying, please email info@soxprospects.com, preferably including a resume and a basic overview of your relevant skills and experience. We look forward to hearing from you! Unlike past years, we do not have a set timeline to fill positions posted below and will fill them on a rolling basis, so please do not delay! Apologies in advance that we might not be able to personally respond to every applicant. Thanks to everyone for their interest!

The following are basic requirements for all positions on the SoxProspects staff:
 • Professional attitude and approach
 • Some experience (direct or analogous) related to the position for which you are applying
 • Strong attention to detail
 • Basic familiarity with SoxProspects.com and the Red Sox minor league system
 • A perfunctory understanding of baseball statistics
 • Ability to work independently without much hand-holding or oversight. To be upfront - we all work remotely, there is minimal face-to-face interaction, and we all have full-time jobs separate from the site.


Open Positions

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Year-Round Hiring

12/11/20 Staff Writer We accept resumes for our Staff Writer position year-round. Responsibilities of the position generally include writing the Cup of Coffee daily recap once or twice a week, taking a regular turn compiling our Weekly Notes, and writing other recurring articles on our News Page such as our monthly and weekly offseason features. Strong performance could lead to expanded opportunity to contribute to feature series such as our Draft Retrospective series. We estimate that the time commitment for this position is ~2-4 hours per week.
12/11/20 Web Editor We accept resumes for our Web Editor position year-round. The position's primary responsibility is to update certain pages of the site on a timely basis using the Microsoft Expression Web 4 software after transactions occur in the Red Sox system. The main requirements are web editing experience and very flexible availability to do updates on little-to-no notice. We estimate that the time commitment for this position is roughly 2-4 hours per week.
12/11/20 Scout We are always open to accepting resumes for the Scout position. To be clear, prior experience in scouting, playing the game at a highly competitive level, or working for a college or professional baseball team is required - this is not an entry-level position for someone who wants to learn about scouting. A successful applicant will have demonstrated some competency and/or experience in player evaluation prior to hiring. Applicants must also have the ability to regularly attend games played by Red Sox affiliate clubs, and therefore must also live within a reasonable distance from parks at which Red Sox affilaites play (e.g., near one or more affiliates' home parks, or near multiple road parks).
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