International Signings


2019-20 International Signing Period
July 2, 2019 - Jun 15, 2020
Initial Bonus Pool: $5,398,300

player pos country bonus month
Officially Signed
Juan Chacon OF Venezuela $900,000 Jul-2019
Lyonell James IF Dominican $440,000 Jul-2019
Jhostynxon Garcia SS Venezuela $350,000 Jul-2019
Nathanael Cruz RHP Dominican $200,000 Jul-2019
Allan Castro SS Dominican $100,000 Jul-2019
Renny Flores C Venezuela   Jul-2019
Diego Saavedra OF Venezuela   Jul-2019
Diego Viloria C Venezuela   Jul-2019
Jose Mendez SS Venezuela   Jul-2019
Jackson Camejo OF Venezuela   Jul-2019
Sebastian Guerra SS Venezuela   Jul-2019
Jhon Garcia SS Venezuela   Jul-2019
Luis Perales RHP Venezuela   Jul-2019
Ronald Rosario C Venezuela   Jul-2019
Irving Medina RHP Mexico   Jul-2019
Kawan Silva RHP Brazil   Jul-2019
Reportedly Agreed to Terms
Rivaldo Avila C Venezuela $405,000 Jul-2019
Kelvin Diaz RHP Dominican $300,000 Jul-2019
Johnfrank Salazar SS Venezuela   Jul-2019
Cesar Ruiz RHP Venezuela   Jul-2019
Carlos Diaz C Venezuela   Jul-2019
*At this time, all signees have agreed to terms but contracts have not yet been officially cleared by MLB

2018-19 International Signing Period
July 2, 2018 - Jun 15, 2019
Initial Bonus Pool: $4,983,500
*Traded Lorenzo Cedrola for $1,500,000 add'l pool space
**Traded $500,000 in pool space with Blake Swihart for Marcus Wilson

player pos country bonus month
Eduardo Lopez OF Dominican $1,150,000 Jul-2018
Eduardo Vaughan CF Panama $550,000 Jul-2018
Bryan Gonzalez OF Dominican $500,000 Jul-2018
Giancarlos Santana OF Dominican $460,000 Jul-2018
Albert Feliz OF Dominican $400,000 Jul-2018
Naysbel Marcano C Venezuela $350,000 Jul-2018
Gabriel Jackson RHP Dominican $350,000 Jul-2018
Brainer Bonaci SS Venezuela $290,000 Jul-2018
Noelberth Romero SS Venezuela $275,000 Jul-2018
Wikelman Gonzalez RHP Venezuela $250,000 Jul-2018
Eddinson Paulino SS Dominican $205,000 Jul-2018
Carlos Reyes RHP Dominican $180,000 Jul-2018
Luis Talavera RHP Venezuela $100,000 Jul-2018
Elio Prado CF Venezuela $85,000 Jul-2018
Alixandri Alvarez SS Venezuela $85,000 Jul-2018
Claudio Ochoa RHP Venezuela $75,000 Jul-2018
Axel James SS Dominican $60,000 Jul-2018
Andres Ortuno RHP Venezuela $50,000 Jul-2018
Imanol Contreras SS Dominican $50,000 Jul-2018
Alex Zapete 3B Venezuela $45,000 Jul-2018
Angel Bastardo RHP Venezuela $35,000 Jul-2018
Andy Pena CF Venezuela $25,000 Jul-2018
Efren Diaz RHP Venezuela $22,500 Jul-2018
Richardson Jimenez SS Dominican $10,000 Jul-2018
Gregori Custodio 3B Dominican $10,000 Jul-2018
Armando Acosta RHP Dominican $10,000 Jul-2018
Yulis Hernandez SS Dominican $5,000 Jul-2018
Frailyn Sanchez RHP Dominican $35,000 Aug-2018
Faysel Gregorio RHP Curacao $10,000 Aug-2018
Jesus Marrero OF Venezuela $10,000 Aug-2018
Angeudis Santos IF Dominican $110,000 Sep-2018
Juan D. Encarnacion RHP Dominican $40,000 Sep-2018
Moises Castellanos RHP Venezuela $25,000 Sep-2018
Frank Astacio IF Dominican $7,000 Sep-2018
Moises Barjas OF Venezuela $10,000 Oct-2018
Adrian Hernandez RHP Venezuela $10,000 Oct-2018
Railin Perez RHP Dominican $10,000 Nov-2018
Reidis Sena RHP Dominican $10,000 Dec-2018
Yorberto Mejicano RHP Dominican $5,000 Jan-2019
Darel Belen OF Dominican   Feb-2019
Miguel Rojas C Venezuela   Feb-2019
Henry Morales OF Dominican   Mar-2019
Jack Bowins RHP Australia   Mar-2019
Wilmer Perez SS Dominican   May-2019

2017-18 International Signing Period
July 2, 2017 - June 15, 2018
Initial Bonus Pool: $4,750,000 + traded space
*Traded Nick Longhi to CIN for $2,750,000 add'l pool space
*Traded Imeldo Diaz & Stanley Espinal to STL for $500,000 add'l pool space

player pos country bonus month
Daniel Flores C Venezuela $3,100,000 Jul-2017
Danny Diaz SS Venezuela $1,600,000 Jul-2017
Antoni Flores SS Venezuela $1,400,000 Jul-2017
Nelfy Abreu SS Dominican $450,000 Jul-2017
Denny Daza SS Venezuela $250,000 Jul-2017
Wilker Vargas SS Venezuela $175,000 Jul-2017
Brayan Aquino RHP Dominican $100,000 Jul-2017
Luis Mota SS Venezuela $50,000 Jul-2017
Felix Cepeda RHP Dominican $40,000 Jul-2017
Alejandro Crisostomo RHP Dominican $40,000 Jul-2017
Nixson Munoz LHP Nicaragua $30,000 Jul-2017
Brayan Bello RHP Dominican $28,000 Jul-2017
Johan Martinez RHP Dominican $10,000 Jul-2017
Alexander Montero RHP Dominican $10,000 Jul-2017
Yasel Santana RHP Dominican $10,000 Jul-2017
Carlos Martinez OF Dominican $10,000 Jul-2017
Leonel Jimenez IF Panama $10,000 Jul-2017
Robinson Montero RHP Venezuela $10,000 Jul-2017
Ruben Hernandez OF Venezuela $10,000 Jul-2017
Gabriel Quintero OF Venezuela $10,000 Jul-2017
Gregori Segovia RHP Venezuela $10,000 Jul-2017
Jesus Rosillo RHP Venezuela $10,000 Jul-2017
Angel Sosa RHP Venezuela $10,000 Jul-2017
Brandon Rincones SS Aruba $10,000 Jul-2017
Justin Qiangba C China $10,000 Jul-2017
Marco Cardoso IF Germany $10,000 Jul-2017
Yordin Lozano OF Dominican $10,000 Jul-2017
Ceddanne Rafaela SS Curacao $10,000 Jul-2017
Juan Morillo RHP Dominican $7,500 Jul-2017
Jonathan Diaz C Dominican $7,500 Jul-2017
Kelvin Sanchez LHP Dominican $7,500 Jul-2017
Jeison Pena RHP Dominican $5,000 Jul-2017
Bryan Lucas RHP Dominican $5,000 Jul-2017
Emerson Ortiz RHP Dominican $5,000 Jul-2017
Alberto Franco RHP Dominican $5,000 Jul-2017
Jose Navas C Venezuela $5,000 Jul-2017
Jose Larez RHP Venezuela $3,000 Jul-2017
Lewis Baez OF Dominican $1,000 Jul-2017
Isaac Pinales RHP Dominican $1,000 Jul-2017
Gabriel Perez OF Venezuela $20,000 Aug-2017
Gilberto Jimenez OF Dominican $10,000 Aug-2017
Nelson Teran C Venezuela $10,000 Aug-2017
Andres Gari C Venezuela $10,000 Aug-2017
Jose Bens RHP Dominican $1,000 Aug-2017
Carlos Velez LHP Dominican $20,000 Sep-2017
Angel Maita OF Venezuela $17,500 Sep-2017
Jesus Maita OF Venezuela $17,500 Sep-2017
Miguel Suero RHP Dominican $10,000 Sep-2017
Felix Gomez LHP Venezuela $5,000 Sep-2017
Argenis Batista LHP Dominican $10,000 Oct-2017
Jorge Rodriguez LHP Mexico $37,500 Nov-2017
Yoelvis Guedez RHP Venezuela $10,000 Nov-2017
Beiker Pineda RHP Venezuela $1,000 Nov-2017
Esteban Quiroz IF Mexico   Nov-2017
Juan Crisostomo RHP Dominican $10,000 Dec-2017
Erick Flores C Venezuela $7,000 Dec-2017
Royman Blanco RHP Venezuela $7,000 Dec-2017
Cristofe Tineo RHP Dominican $5,000 Dec-2017
Gamaliel Gonzalez C Panama $10,000 Jan-2018
Irvin Villarroel RHP Venezuela $25,000 Feb-2018
Juan Rojas 3B Venezuela $20,000 Feb-2018
Robinson Parra RHP Venezuela $10,000 Feb-2018
Oscar Rangel C Venezuela $3,000 Feb-2018
Carlos Sanchez OF Dominican $15,000 Mar-2018
Isaias Ozoria LHP Dominican $5,000 Mar-2018
Alvaro Leal LHP Venezuela $1,000 Mar-2018
Osvaldo De La Rosa RHP Dominican $1,000 Mar-2018
Aldo Ramirez RHP Mexico   Apr-2018
Hansel Viola RHP Dominican   May-2018
Breiner Licona C Colombia   May-2018
Jose Ramirez RHP Dominican   May-2018
Erison Medina RHP Dominican   Jun-2018

2016-17 International Signing Period
July 2, 2016 - July 1, 2017
Banned from signing international free agents with certain exceptions

player pos country bonus month
Jorge Hernandez RHP Cuba - Jan-17
Hector Velazquez RHP Mexico $30,000 Feb-17

2015-16 International Signing Period
July 2, 2015 - July 1, 2016
Bonus Pool: $3,681,000
Individual signings capped at $300,000

player pos country bonus month
Albert Guaimaro** OF Venezuela $300,000 Jul-15
Simon Muzziotti** OF Venezuela $300,000 Jul-15
Antonio Pineiro** SS Venezuela $300,000 Jul-15
Eduardo Torrealba** SS Venezuela $300,000 Jul-15
Cesar Gonzalez** RHP Venezuela $300,000 Jul-15
Everlouis Lozada 2B Venezuela $250,000 Jul-15
Yeison Coca SS Dominican $220,000 Jul-15
Ronald Gutierrez RHP Venezuela $200,000 Jul-15
Kervin Suarez SS Venezuela $100,000 Jul-15
Juan Florentino RHP Dominican   Jul-15
Andres Jimenez RHP Venezuela   Jul-15
Manuel Ramirez RHP Venezuela   Jul-15
Daniel Rincon OF Venezuela   Jul-15
Oddanier Mosqueda LHP Venezuela   Jul-15
Kleiber Rodriguez C Venezuela   Jul-15
Pedro Castellanos OF Venezuela   Jul-15
Ronaldo Pulgar 2B Venezuela   Jul-15
Luis Hernandez SS Venezuela   Jul-15
Fabian Andrade OF Venezuela   Jul-15
Jesus Chacon IF Venezuela   Jul-15
Rafael Rincones OF Venezuela $300,000 Aug-15
Junior Figueroa RHP Venezuela $300,000 Aug-15
Juan Perez RHP Dominican   Aug-15
Gregory Santos RHP Dominican $275,000 Aug-15
Jose Mejias OF Venezuela   Oct-15
Antonio Police RHP Dominican   Nov-15
Rayniel Moreno LHP Venezuela   Nov-15
Geraldo Perez RHP Dominican   Nov-15
Brad Inglis RHP Australia   Jan-16
Rayniel Adames RHP Dominican   Jan-16
Joan Martinez RHP Dominican $5,000 Jan-16
Bryan Mata RHP Venezuela $25,000 Jan-16
Ivan Jimenez RHP Venezuela   Feb-16
Rafael Gomez RHP Venezuela   Jun-16
**Contract subsequently voided

2014-15 International Signing Period
July 2, 2014 - July 1, 2015
Bonus Pool: $1,881,700

player pos country bonus month
Anderson Espinoza RHP Venezuela $1,800,000 Jul-14
Christopher Acosta RHP Dominican $1,500,000 Jul-14
Nicolo Clemente RHP Italy   Jul-14
Roniel Raudes RHP Nicaragua $250,000 Jul-14
Jhosmar Cortez RHP Nicaragua $125,000 Jul-14
Elwin Tejada 3B Dominican $300,000 Jul-14
Luis Colmenares LHP Venezuela   Jul-14
Junior Espinoza RHP Venezuela $400,000 Jul-14
Denyi Reyes RHP Dominican   Jul-14
Imeldo Diaz SS Venezuela   Jul-14
Edilson Batista LHP Brazil   Jul-14
Marino Campana OF Dominican $100,000 Jul-14
Eduard Conde 2B Venezuela   Jul-14
Eduard Bazardo RHP Venezuela   Jul-14
Marcos Martinez C Venezuela   Jul-14
Hemerson Serven LF/1B Venezuela $100,000 Jul-14
Angel Padron s Venezuela   Jul-14
Ryan Oduber LHP Aruba   Jul-14
Victor Familia RHP Dominican   Jul-14
Yorvin Pantoja LHP Venezuela   Jul-14
Freiberg Marin IF Venezuela   Jul-14
Rusney Castillo OF Cuba $5,400,000* Aug-14
Ricardo Cubillan SS Venezuela   Aug-14
Willis Figueroa OF Venezuela $150,000 Aug-14
Gary Calvo RHP Dominican   Sep-14
Jeison Medrano RHP Dominican   Sep-14
Victor Garcia RHP Dominican   Sep-14
Victor Diaz RHP Dominican   Dec-14
Dawill Aponte CF Colombia   Jan-15
Ramfis Berroa OF Dominican   Jan-15
Reinaldo Ugueto SS Venezuela   Feb-15
Stanley Espinal IF Dominican $10,000 Feb-15
Lorenzo Cedrola OF Venezuela $35,000 Feb-15
Yoan Moncada 2B Cuba $31,500,000 Mar-15
Roberto Medina RHP Dominican   Mar-15
Keibert Petit C Venezuela $200,000 Mar-15
Carlos Pulido C Venezuela $200,000 Mar-15
Jose Gonzalez RHP Venezuela   Mar-15
Jose Zacarias RHP Venezuela   Mar-15
Yoilan Cerse IF Cuba   May-15
Eddy Reynoso C Dominican   May-15
Carlos Cortes RHP Venezuela   May-15
William Caraballo RHP Venezuela   May-15
Angel Hernandez OF Venezuela $200,000 May-15
Luis Rivero RHP Venezuela $200,000 Jun-15
Warlyn Guzman RHP Dominican   Jun-15
*Does not count against international signing cap

2013-14 International Signing Period
July 2, 2013 - July 1, 2014
Bonus Pool: $3,179,900

player pos country bonus month
Rafael Devers 3B Dominican $1,500,000 Jul-13
Enmanuel De Jesus LHP Venezuela $787,500 Jul-13
Jhonathan Diaz LHP Venezuela $600,000 Jul-13
Yoan Aybar OF Dominican $450,000 Jul-13
Yeferson Ardiles RHP Venezuela $50,000 Jul-13
Hildemaro Requena RHP Venezuela $50,000 Jul-13
Carlos Tovar IF Venezuela $7,500 Jul-13
Darwinzon Hernandez LHP Venezuela $7,500 Aug-13
Samuel Miranda C Venezuela $7,500 Aug13
Rafael Toribio SS Dominican $7,500 Aug-13
Fabian Nieva 1B/3B Colombia $5,000 Sep-13
Dalier Hinojosa ●* RHP Cuba $4,000,000 Oct-13
Roldani Baldwin C Dominican $45,000 Nov-13
Juan Perez RHP Venezuela $7,500 Nov-13
Shunsuke Watanabe RHP Japan $0 Dec-13
Shair Lacrus RHP Curacao $50,000 Dec-13
Francisco Tena LHP Dominican $7,500 Dec-13
Jose Lozada 3B Venezuela   Feb-14
Alejandro Rodriguez LHP Venezuela   Apr-14
Juan Barriento OF Dominican   Apr-14
Alberto Perez OF Dominican   May-14
Marcos Lantigua RHP Dominican   May-14
*Does not count against international signing cap

2012-13 International Signing Period
July 2, 2012 - July 1, 2013
Bonus Pool: $2,900,000

player pos country bonus month
Jose Almonte RHP Venezuela $610,000 Jul-12
Javier Guerra SS Panama $250,000 Jul-12
Wendell Rijo SS Dominican $575,000 Jul-12
Raiwinson Lameda OF Venezuela $25,000 Jul-12
Carlos Caceres RHP Venezuela $7,500 Jul-12
Dedgar Jimenez LHP Venezuela $175,000 Aug-12
L. Alexander Basabe OF Venezuela $450,000 Aug-12
L. Alejandro Basabe 2B Venezuela $450,000 Aug-12
Franklin Guzman OF Dominican $6,000 Sep-12
Samir El Halaby RHP Venezuela $50,000 Sep-12
Daniel Gonzalez RHP Venezuela $20,000 Sep-12
Algenis Martinez RHP Dominican $7,500 Sep-12
Isaias Lucena C Venezuela $7,500 Sep-12
Oscar Bartomolde OF Venezuela $17,500 Oct-12
Darwin Pena 1B/OF Dominican $7,500 Oct-12
Jhon Nunez C Dominican $32,000 Dec-12
Gerardo Carrizalez 3B Venezuela $200,000 Dec-12
Juan Hernandez OF Venezuela $7,500 Dec-12
Victor Acosta SS Venezuela $50,000 Jan-13
Gerson Bautista RHP Dominican $250,000 Apr-13
Luis Benoit SS Dominican $50,000 Feb-13
Ritzi Mendoza RHP Venezuela $25,000 Feb-13
Luis Yovera OF Venezuela $50,000 Mar-13
Ender Machuca RHP D.R $20,000 Mar-13

2011-12 International Signing Period
July 2, 2011 - July 1, 2012

player pos country bonus month
Raymel Flores SS Dominican $900,000 Jul-11
Manuel Margot OF Dominican $800,000 Jul-11
Luis Ortega LHP Dominican $45,000 Jul-11
Randy Perez LHP Dominican $80,000 Jul-11
Carlos Garcia LHP Venezuela $140,000 Jul-11
Victor Ramirez RHP Venezuela $110,000 Aug-11
Kevin Segovia C Venezuela $75,000 Aug-11
Keivin Heras RHP Venezuela $110,000 Aug-11
Junior Estrella 2B Dominican $35,000 Aug-11
William Gonzalez RHP Dominican $30,000 Oct-11
Yankory Pimentel RHP D.R $55,000 Oct-11
Jervis Torrealba LHP Venezuela $50,000 Feb-12
Dioscar Romero RHP Dominican $600,000 Feb-12
Enfember Martinez RHP Venezuela $25,000 Feb-12
Daniel McGrath LHP Australia $400,000 Feb-12
Edinxon Pacheco RHP Venezuela $55,000 Feb-12
Wildyn Florian RHP Dominican $15,000 Feb-12
Simon Mercedes RHP Dominican $800,000 Mar-12
Pablo Urena C Panama $6,000 Mar-12
Gregori Titts OF Panama $10,000 Mar-12
Luis Valenzuela SS Dominican $0 May-12
Ricardo Andujar SS Dominican $3,000 May-12
Tzu-Wei Lin SS Taiwan $2,050,000 Jun-12
Luis Ramos LHP Panama $50,000 Jun-12
Diory Paulino SS Dominican $0 Jun-12
Javier Rodriguez LHP Mexico $0 Jun-12
Heri Quevedo RHP Dominican $150,000 Jun-12

2010-11 International Signing Period
July 2, 2010 - July 1, 2011

player pos country bonus month
Adalberto Ibarra C Cuba $750,000 Jul-10
Juan Carlos Linares OF Cuba $750,000 Jul-10
Ynoel Aguero OF Dominican $35,000 Jul-10
Edwin Osorio RHP Colombia $120,000 Jul-10
Anthony Amaya OF Panama $50,000 Jul-10
Deiner Lopez SS Venezuela $75,000 Aug-10
Edwar Garcia RHP Dominican $200,000 Sep-10
Aneury Tavarez 2B Dominican $90,000 Oct-10
Jose Espitia RHP Venezuela $120,000 Nov-10
Cleuluis Rondon SS Venezuela $60,000 Nov-10
Alixon Suarez C Venezuela $135,000 Nov-10
Aneudis Peralta 3B Dominican $95,000 Dec-10
William Abreu RHP Dominican $75,000 Dec-10
Beau Bishop C New Zealand $60,000 Feb-11
Itsuki Shoda LHP Japan $50,000 Feb-11
Jose Colorado OF Mexico $0 Mar-11
Jeremias Pineda OF Dominican $10,000 Mar-11
Nelson Arguila OF Dominican $0 Mar-11
Andres Garcia RHP Venezuela $25,000 Feb-11
Jeffry Fernandez RHP Dominican $50,000 Feb-11
German Taveras RHP Dominican $35,000 Mar-11
Oscar Melendez RHP Dominican $27,500 May-11
Osvaldo Almengo OF Dominican $35,000 May-11
Jonathan Aro RHP Dominican $10,000 Jun-11

2009-2010 International Signing Period
July 2, 2009 - July 1, 2010

player pos country bonus month
Jose Vinicio SS Dominican $1,950,000 Jul-09
Raul Alcantara RHP Dominican $500,000 Jul-09
Mario Alcantara RHP Dominican $350,000 Jul-09
Ricardo Betancourt LHP Venezuela  $200,000 Jul-09
Iago Januario RHP Brazil $150,000 Jul-09
Jair Bogaerts C Aruba $180,000 Aug-09
Xander Bogaerts SS Aruba   $410,000 Aug-09
Ariel Cabral RHP Dominican $20,000 Aug-09
Jose Iglesias SS Cuba $6,250,000 Sep-09
Ellis Jimenez RHP Venezuela $18,000 Nov-09
Sully Bonnelly RHP Dominican   $130,000 Dec-09
Sergio Gomez RHP Colombia   $110,000 Dec-09
Frank Montas RHP Dominican $75,000 Dec-09
Kiler Gil LHP Venezuela $30,000 Jan-10
Pedro Reyes LHP Dominican $40,000 Jan-10
Jesus Loya OF Mexico $0 Jan-10
Roberto Duncan 3B Panama $30,000 Feb-10
Jorge Padron OF Cuba $350,000 Mar-10
Robert Del Rosario OF Dominican $150,000 Apr-10
Carlos Pinales RHP Dominican $35,000 May-10
David Sopilka C Venezuela $75,000 May-10
Nefi Ogando RHP Dominican $10,000 Jun-10

2008-2009 International Signing Period
July 2, 2008 - July 1, 2009

player pos country bonus month
Oscar Perez C Venezuela $712,500 Jul-08
Juan Ugas 3B Venezuela $300,000 Jul-08
William Cuevas RHP Venezuela $16,000 Jul-08
Aly Gonzalez C Venezuela $25,000 Jul-08
Yunior Ortega RHP Dominican $60,000 Aug-08
Luis Diaz RHP Venezuela $125,000 Jan-09
Junichi Tazawa RHP Japan $1,800,000 Dec-08
Eduardo Medina RHP Venezuela $30,000 Jan-09
Curtney Doran OF Curacao $60,000 Jan-09
Keury De La Cruz OF Dominican $120,000 Feb-09
Francisco Taveras LHP Dominican $20,000 May-09
Raoell Kortstam OF Netherlands $40,000 May-09
Dreily Guerrero OF Dominican $0 Jun-09
Derward Ruiz SS Aruba $30,000 Jun-09
Alfredo Soto OF Dominican $175,000 Jun-09

2007-2008 International Signing Period
July 2, 2007 - July 1, 2008

player pos country bonus month
Michael Almanzar 3B Dominican $1,500,000 Jul-07
Rafael Espinoza SS Dominican $250,000 Jul-07
Roman Mendez RHP Dominican $125,000 Jul-07
Joantoni Garcia SS Venezuela   Jul-07
Jesus Rojas C Venezuela   Jul-07
Javier Gutierrez OF Venezuela   Jul-07
Lewis Urena OF Dominican   Aug-07
Jennell Hudson RHP Germany   Aug-07
Israel Perez LHP Dominican   Aug-07
Alex Mateo RHP Dominican   Sep-07
Chia-Chu Chen C Taiwan   Sep-07
Leonel Escobar C Venezuela   Oct-07
Luis Bastardo RHP Venezuela   Oct-07
Heiker Meneses SS Venezuela   Oct-07
Chris De La Rosa OF Dominican   Nov-07
Danny Dilon RHP Dominican   Nov-07
Samuel Garcia RHP Venezuela   Nov-07
Felix Sanchez OF Dominican $40,000 Jan-08
Juan Rodriguez P Dominican $20,000 Feb-08
Raynel Velette RHP Dominican   $110,000 Feb-08
Terumasa Matsuo RHP Japan $15,000 Mar-08
Hayato Doue C Japan $20,000 Apr-08
Swen Huijer RHP Netherlands   $40,000 Apr-08
Jose Garcia SS Dominican $260,000 May-08
Darlin Machiz RHP Dominican $5,000 May-08
Boss Moanaroa 1B Australia $87,000 May-08
Moko Moanaroa OF Australia   $30,000 Jun-08

2006-2007 International Signing Period
July 2, 2006 - July 1, 2007

player pos country bonus month
Engel Beltre OF Dominican $575,000 Jul-06
Oscar Tejeda SS Dominican $525,000 Jul-06
Stolmy Pimentel RHP Dominican $25,000 Jul-06
Antony Alvarado RHP Venezuela   Jul-06
Manny Rivera LHP