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2021 Podcasts  
June 8, 2021 Episode 212, Finally, the rest of the Benintendi bounty It's your weekly trip from Fort Myers to Boston, with stops in Salem, Greenville, Portland and Worcester, in between. And yes, with 4 straight weeks, we can officially call ourselves a weekly podcast. This week, Chris and Ian talk about the final return for Andrew Benintendi as the players at last have been named later. After that, the news from the system include an unfortunate injury update for Thaddeus Ward along with a promotion for Johan Mieses. Ian shares updates from the Olympic Qualifier. The guys talk through the return of Brandon Workman and some interesting updates to the Baseball America Top 100 list. And before cracking open the mailbag, the guys share some thoughts on Nick Yorke and small samples. And to close the show we get to a couple of your questions. 
June 1, 2021 Episode 211, June Rankings Update Welcome to summer. With Memorial Day weekend in our rear view mirror, our new rankings are out and Chris and Ian had a chance to discuss them as well as go over some of the news from the system. They talk about Franchy Cordero's demotion to Worcester--and subsequent big weekend. And they discuss what young player might also get sent back down to the minors. We are hearing rumors about the players to be named later in the Benintendi trade, and it could be this week we hear who they are. On the rankings, special attention is paid to some of the top pitching performers in the system. And to close the show we get to a couple of your questions.  
May 25, 2021 Episode 210, Scouting Salem Three weeks into the minor league season, the guys took a look around the system to gauge the early returns at each level. The injury bug, while mostly having avoided the MLB club, has hit the Red Sox system as of late, with several top prospects landing on the injured list. Chris and Ian talk about the injuries, as well as how that impacts depth for the big club. The guys play another round of Checking Levels, and Chris saw a very interesting and fun Salem team.  
May 19, 2021 Episode 209, Chris and Ian visit Worcester With minor league game action resuming, Chris and Ian took a trip to Worcester. The stadium is a work in progress, but the early reviews say it's going to be a great park. In addition to scouting report from the game, the guys talk about the latest news from the Red Sox system, including the injuries to a couple of the club's top pitching prospects. A few hitters are raking to start the season. We re-ranked players at the start of the month and they talk through the biggest movers. Then the guys go level by level highlighting players who are showing something. And as always, we read through the mailbag to close the show.  
April 30, 2021 Episode 208, A visit to the Alternate Site The 2021 Minor League Baseball season kicks off May 4th, and after a year away, we're all glad that the games are getting started again. In advance of the resumption of minor league games, the Red Sox announced their roster assignments as well as a few cuts and retirements to trim the rosters down. Ian files a report from the Alternate Training Site where he got to see the Sox players scrimmage against players from the Mets Alternate Training Site. As a reminder, with minor league games returning, so do our game reports for our patrons. Visit our Patreon for details. Finally, we close out the show with a trip through the mailbag. 
April 16, 2021 Episode 207, It is not a terrible take The 2021 Major League Baseball season is just over two weeks old. Chris and Ian got together to discuss what they have seen with the big club, including some early takes on who is figuring things out. There's some bad news on the injury front, and some good news with Eduard Bazardo's MLB debut and the return of streaming from the Alternate Site in Worcester. Plus, there's the hot-button issue of the new rule change experiments the Atlantic League will be trying out this summer. And we close out the show taking a quick dip into the mailbag. 
April 1, 2021 Episode 206, Maple syrup is overrated The season is upon us! Chris and Ian are pumped to preview the imminent MLB season (since delayed 24 hours) and hope you're ready too. The guys discussed what prospects (and graduates) are most likely to impact the MLB club this year on the mound and in the lineup. We also just updated the #SP60 coming out of MLB camp, and the guys discussed Bryan Mata's short drop, Garrett Whitlock's big rise, and more. Plus the Matt Barnes COVID scare and what it said about the team's depth this year, and as always, your terrific emails led to some great discussion about the draft, Gilberto Jimenez and... David Price?
March 26, 2021 Episode 205, I'm kinda over spring training We are less than a week away from the start of the 2021 Major League Baseball season and the guys want to get going already. Chris and Ian have the latest analysis of the big league lineup. They start with the rotation, and what Tanner Houck and Connor Seabold need to do in Worcester. For hitters, the guys talk through what to do with Michael Chavis, Bobby Dalbec and Jarren Duran, as well as the surprising spring of Jonathan Arauz. They also discuss the various rule changes that will be tried out in the minors this year. And as always, we get to the mailbag and your terrific questions.
March 15, 2021 Episode 204, And our next email is from... Chris and Ian have a metric ton of emails to go through. We put out a call for questions and you all stepped it up. Awesome work. Before getting after the emails, the guys go over details from camp. In particular they break down the position players and pitchers who have shown something in camp. They go into details on how the alternate site will return due to the delay of the start of the AAA season. The guys welcome Zach Bryant to the club, who is the player who was named later for Josh Osich. And then Chris and Ian get to the mailbag and your terrific questions. 
February 22, 2021 Episode 203, Interview with Red Sox EVP and Asst. GM Eddie Romero Chris and Ian continue their Offseason interview series and welcome Red Sox Executive VP and Assistant General Manager Eddie Romero to the podcast. Eddie shares how he got into the game and his early days with the club. He goes into detail with the changes the club has made to improve its presence in the Dominican Republic. He shares some interesting stories of players the club has scouted and signed internationally. Before getting into the interview, Chris and Ian talk through the latest moves, including the acquisition of catching prospect Ronaldo Hernandez from the Rays for Chris Mazza and Jeffrey Springs. Plus they go over the release of the spring training camp roster.
February 12, 2021 Episode 202, I'm going to send that link to you Beware the tenth of February. The Emergency Podcast horn is blaring again. Andrew Benintendi is now a Kansas City Royal. Chris and Ian break down the trade to discuss what we know now and what we won't know for a little while. They break down why the Sox went in the direction of the multiple players to be named later. After recording the episode, the front office made another move and Chris and Ian got back on the line to record their thoughts on that signing as well as the  the other offseason moves. We take a quick stroll through the mailbag. And finally, Chris and Ian pay heartfelt tributes to Ron Johnson and Pedro Gomez.
February 1, 2021 Episode 201, Interview with Red Sox Senior VP of Baseball Ops Ben Crockett Chris and Ian wlecome Red Sox Senior Vp of Baseball Operations Ben Crockett -- who was promoted from VP of Player Development shortly after this episode was recorded! -- to the podcast. The guys discussthe most unusual year that shall not be named. Crockett shares his thoughts ont he alternate training site. He talks through what the year ahead will look like. And finally, the guys talk to him about some of the more interesting player development stories. Before getting into the interview, Chris and Ian talk through the latest moves, including the Adam Ottavino trade, and read your emails.
January 21, 2021 Episode 200, Interview with Red Sox CBO Chaim Bloom Chris and Ian welcome Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom to celebrate our 200th episode. The guys discuss Bloom's first year at the helm of the Red Sox, as well as Bloom's start in the game. Bloom also talks through his experience at the Rays, taking the helm of an organization during a season altered drastically by a global pandemic, roster management, the draft, and much more.
January 19, 2021 Episode 199, It's the amuse bouche Welcome to 2021. The Commissioner is telling teams to prepare to start the season on time. Free agency and the hot stove are both heating up as well. And our episode is setting the table for bigger things to come. Still, we have some interesting moves to analyze, both made by the Red Sox and by other clubs. Another set of international free agents have begun to sign, and Chris and Ian have the run down on them and the first round of non-roster invitees. Additionally, rumors have been flying about a possible trade involving a young outfielder, and the guys share their thoughts before we crack open the mailbag for your questions.
2020 Podcasts  
December 20, 2020
Episode 198, You're throwing a curveball It's December, and despite the lack of major league player movement Chris and Ian had plenty to discuss. We finally know what the realignment of the minor leagues looks like and which teams that will remain a part of the Red Sox system. There have been some moves to look at as we welcome Hunter Renfroe and Garrett Whitlock to Boston. Chris and Ian take a quick trip through the winter leagues. We released new rankings and go into detail on a few of the guys who made significant moves. And finally, the guys get to your excellent questions.  
December 4, 2020 Episode 197, The Boston Globe's Alex Speier Returns Making his seventh appearance on the podcast, Alex Speier joins Chris and Ian for an enjoyable conversation. The guys discuss his prospect rankings, the challenges of ranking players who have missed a full year of development, and how much weight to put on performance at alternate training sites. And as always, the discussion crosses into so much more. Prior to talking with Alex, Chris and Ian go over the latest offseason news, including a just-announced trade, and pop open the mailbag to answer your questions.
November 19, 2020
Episode 196, That is patently false It's mid-November, and finally... some minor league scouting updates to discuss! Ian and Chris have the goods from the Fall Instructional League in Fort Myers, where 62 of the Red Sox' top farmhands spent 5.5 weeks. We've got who impressed and who disappointed with their showings. Plus, the guys preview who might be protected on Friday from selection in the Rule 5 draft (and how that list has changed based on Fall Instructs reports), who's playing abroad this winter, and of course, your emails.  
November 14, 2020 Episode 195, Resetting the roster, pt. 2  The winter meetings are still off in the future, but baseball's offseason is in full swing. The Sox brought back several minor league free agents. Oh, and Alex Cora is back with the club to manage. In addition, we have a run down on important upcoming dates for the offseason. The guys talk through the players who will need to be protected on the 40-man before the rule 5 draft. Ian and Chris discuss the future of the minor leagues. And we wrap it all up with another installment of the 80-grade mailbag.   
November 2, 2020
Episode 194, Resetting the roster, pt. 1 The 2020 season has successfully drawn to a close, bringing us to an offseason that promises great change for the Red Sox. With nine players already gone from the roster, Chris and Ian went player-by-player through the remaining members of the 40-man roster in an attempt to predict who will stay, who will go, and what those who are still around will be doing next season. Plus, some questions about Jackie Bradley's future with the club now that he is a free agent, and more of your great questions!
October 6, 2020 Episode 193, Speaking is hard. The sprint that was the 2020 season has drawn to a close, and while it may not seem like it, Chris and Ian had plenty to look back on. There were plenty of debuts to digest, so the guys looked back on the first taste of MLB for Bobby Dalbec, Tanner Houck, and others, plus examine what the team's (probable) positioning at number 4 in next year's draft really means. Meanwhile, what did we learn from the action at Sim City in Pawtucket? Is there anything to be gleaned from this experiment in player development? Who stood out? And baseball is not done yet - it's time for the Fall Instructional League, and we're breaking down the roster. Plus, as always, your superlative emails!  
September 28, 2020
Episode 192, Revealing my real age. Well, the season is over. The Sox finished strong and still nabbed the fourth pick in the 2021 draft. Chris and Ian wind down the campaign with an eye to the future. Tanner Houck is looking good, and Nick Pivetta made the most of his starts with the big club. Ian shares several thoughts from the Alternate Training Site, and both Ian and Chris call out that the roster reflects Chaim Bloom's craftsmanship, citing Nick Yorke and the many top 20 prospects acquired in trades this season. Among those guys is Sox newcomer Jacob Wallace who came over as the player to be named later from the Rockies in the Pillar trade. Wallace will go straight to Instructs, which Chris breaks down the logistics of the fall camp. Teaser, we'll have a more in-depth preview next episode. Finally, it's mailbag time, and you all did a great job filling the bag with some awesome questions.
September 15, 2020 Episode 191, Tankathon Update. With the possibility of a top-five pick riding on the last few weeks of the season, we have a reason to pay attention to games as the season winds down. Ian breaks down how much of a difference a high draft pick means towards overall bonus pool. And speaking of reasons to pay attention, Tanner Houck is expected to make his big-league debut on September 15. Ian gives us a full scouting report for the righthander, who we have ranked number 10 in the system. Next up the guys discuss MLB's approval of fall instructs. We also share an update on the negotiations between Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball. And we hand the show over to you to close it out with more of your terrific emails and messages.  
September 3, 2020
Episode 190, We're talking trade deadline today. The Red Sox wheeled and dealed at the deadline. In total, they struck four deals, including the Workman-Hembree deal talked about last episode. We don't know who the club got for Kevin Pillar and Josh Osich, but can break down the two players the Sox got for Mitch Moreland. And both Hudson Potts and Jeisson Rosario are intriguing young players with some upside who debuted in the top 20 on our recently released rankings. Both Potts and Rosario will need to be added to the 40-man ahead of the winter's Rule 5 draft. Who else is eligible to be selected, and which should be protected? We discuss. And with the trades, a number of Sox Prospects are playing in the bigs and the guys break them all down. And we hand the show over to you to close it out with more of your terrific emails and messages.
August 26, 2020 Episode 189, I think that's genius, actually. With the trade deadline coming up, Chris and Ian get back on the line to talk trades. They address the deal that sent Brandon Workman and Heath Hembree to the Phillies and brought back Nick Pivetta and Connor Seabold. The guys then revisited the trade talks with the Padres, and while they don't see Wil Myers coming to Boston, they do see the Red Sox as being in a good spot to take on salary and get decent young talent in exchange. The guys also talked about who the club should and should not move. They talk through Casas joining the Alternate Training Site and who might join them. And we close out the show with more of your terrific questions. 
August 7, 2020
Episode 188, Getting to see the prospects. Two weeks in, and we still have MLB games! And thanks to the PawSox streaming simulated games from McCoy Stadium, we even get to see the prospects. We have a lot to talk about for both the big league club as well as the action down in Pawtucket. Chris and Ian leadoff with pitching talk. In particular, they go in depth on what happens when a club loses half of its top eight pitchers. Following that, they break down concerns with the lineup. Ian wonders when Bobby Dalbec joins the 28-man roster. Then Chris and Ian break down what’s happening at Pawtucket. And we conclude with an abundance of your always great emails.
July 23, 2020 Episode 187, Happy Season Eve. Baseball games are starting at last. Chris and Ian drop in to set the stage for this most unusual of seasons. They lead off with the latest additions for the club. Welcome to Boston, Dylan Covey and Zack Godley. Then the guys go deep on the difficult decisions in staffing the big league club. The last draft signings were officially announced. And finally, news out of Los Angeles, Mookie Betts has a contract extension in place that will enable him to finish his career in Dodger Blue. And we conclude with more of your terrific emails.
July 10, 2020
Episode 186, There's summer camp happening. We have real news. Lots of it. News from camp. Juice Pigs news (yes, that's a thing). And new rankings news. We start off with Nick Yorke signing, and the guys speculate about how soon the rest of the draftees will sign. They go over news from summer camp, including the players diagnosed with COVID-19. Get well soon, guys. Before getting to our new rankings, they go over MLB Pipeline's Position Group rankings. They talked about the possibility of minor leaguers playing in independent leagues. And then it's time for our mid-season rankings. Several interesting moves both up and down and Chris and Ian share their thoughts and reasoning. Finally, it's back to the mailbag for a pair of interesting questions.
July 4, 2020 Episode 185, Get things started and ramp up. Major League Baseball has announced plans for a return to the field. Meanwhile, Minor League Baseball cancelled its 2020 season. That gets Chris and Ian back behind their mics. Leading off, Noah Song finally has direction for the next 12-18 months of his military career. Then on to the big news of the week. MLB imposed a 60-games-in-66-days framework. They discuss how the 60-man player pool will work. From there, the guys break out who is on the Sox squad and debate which players should be added to the 60-man. Then it's time for a somber topic, the cancelation of the minor league season. Finally, Chris and Ian reach into the deep mailbag and answer your excellent questions.
June 24, 2020
Episode 184, Maybe it worked, I don't know. Having gone outside the pod for opinions last episode, Chris and Ian got their chance to talk through the draft. The guys talk through each draft selection, and all the undrafted free agents who had signed as of the time we recorded. They go in depth on both Nick Yorke and Blaze Jordan, the two high schoolers whose bats will need to carry them. Then it's time to talk about the two college pitchers. And of course, we read another batch of your exceptional emails!
June 19, 2020 Episode 183, Jim Callis from Talks Draft. Chris and Ian welcome Jim Callis to the pod (his fifth appearance on the podcast!) to talk all things MLB Draft. And as always, he's got plenty of knowledge to bring to the table! Jim shared his thoughts on Boston's draft strategy, his thorough thoughts on the players the Sox picked in the draft, and the abbreviated draft in general. And of course, we got to your emails!
June 11, 2020
Episode 182, 2020 Draft: Night 1 Recap. With the 17th selection of the 2020 Major League Baseball Draft, the Boston Red Sox threw us all a curveball when they selected California high school infielder Nick Yorke. Wondering what happened? Want the dish on the newest Red Sox draftee? Chris and Ian have the answers. Ian shares the consensus on Yorke's hit tool and makeup, both of which are highly regarded. The guys talk through the draft strategy behind the pick, including expectations of how the next 3 picks will shake out. They shared their impressions of the conference call with Chaim Bloom and Paul Toboni. And we close with a great email. 
June 8, 2020 Episode 181, Draft Preview with BA's Carlos Collazo. A sense of normalcy returns Wednesday as Major League Baseball holds its annual Rule 4 Draft. This year's draft is a truncated affair: 5 rounds instead of 40. But as Chris and Ian discuss with Carlos, the class has remarkable depth. The guys ask Carlos about draft strategies, especially in light of the Sox' lack of a second-round pick. Carlos previews some players that might be in play for the Sox at pick 17. And all three guys answer your excellent collection of draft questions. We really appreciate the awesome questions from you all. And while you're getting ready for the draft, be sure to check out our own 2020 Draft Preview!
June 3, 2020
Episode 180, We're going to try to talk baseball...again. At a time when there are more important things to focus on in all of our lives, we felt that recording a 90-minute distraction might not be the worst thing for a temporary respite. Will we have to wait much longer before baseball returns? Chris and Ian have some thoughts and updates as we enter June. First up, they look at the state of negotiations between players and owners. Some hurdles have been cleared, but we have a long way to go. Next up they go through a round of cuts. With the transaction freeze over, teams have been making some personnel decisions. They quickly pivot to reports on what teams may do instead of a minor league season. And after a brief word on the coming draft, it's time for your awesome messages when Chris and Ian open the mailbag. Keep the terrific emails coming, everyone.
May 18, 2020 Episode 179, Go get some vitamin D. Baseball's long winter continues. And while we wait for games, Chris and Ian have updates. First up, an interview with Deputy editor and Pentagon Correspondent at Defense News (and more importantly, longtime podcast listener) Aaron Mehta, who gives some insight into the Noah Song situation. MLB set the terms of the 2020 Draft, and the guys have opinions on how badly MLB has handled the situation, as well as thoughts about how the Sox will approach the draft. Plus, Chris and Ian recap their participation in the Prospects Live Mock Draft. The guys also spent some time breaking down the proposals for the abbreviated season, including the smart moves the club made to have flexibility with the unique roster conditions, we continued looking at the State of the System with outfielders, and finally, we answer listener emails!
May 1, 2020
Episode 178, They can't hear you nodding.  We all miss baseball, but the podcast marches on! Even without games, Chris and Ian had plenty to talk about. In the news, MLB finally released its report on the Red Sox sign-stealing investigation. Was the punishment as lax as most seemed to think? The guys disagree with the consensus there. Plus, with this week;s report that the minor league season is in jeopardy, we discuss the implications on the field and off. Chris gave an update on Noah Song's status, and the guys continued looking at the latest entries in the State of the System series! As always, we close with your emails, and the listeners came through again with some terrific questions.
April 10, 2020 Episode 177, It's Got a Better Twist Than That. Baseball extended winter continues. All of us at SoxProspects want to send you our sincere wishes for health and safety. And with time on our hands, we can turn our attention to a little series we just launched: State of the System. If you haven't seen it yet, please take a look. Ian and Chris take a look at the series and share their thoughts. They start by breaking down drafts and J2 signings to evaluate the evolution of the Sox farm system in the last several years. And then it is on to the mailbag.
March 26, 2020 Episode 176, Small Prospects. Before we get started, to all our listeners, colleagues, supporters and friends of the site, we all want to send our sincere wishes for health, safety and security. We're planning to keep episodes of the podcast coming, so you have things to listen to while you're sheltering in place, working from home and taking breaks from MLB Vault marathons. We're releasing this podcast on what would have been Opening Day. And while baseball is still shut down, we have plenty to talk through. Chris and Ian update us the negotiations between MLB and the Players Association. They tackle the time needed to get both the big leaguers ready to play as well as the minor leaguers. Then they turn to the mailbag to answer your questions.
March 12, 2020 Episode 175, Minor League Camp "Preview". A lot can change in a couple days. In this episode, Chris and Ian engaged in an in-depth preview of their then-upcoming trip to minor league spring training, running through the players they were looking forward to seeing in camp and taking your listener questions. Days later, as Chris explains in the new intro, the trip was unfortunately canceled due to concerns related to the coronavirus, but we are still releasing the episode as a preview of the players and storylines we have our eyes on entering the year.
February 10, 2020 Episode 174, Emergency Podcast -- Mookie Betts, take two. Here we go again. The siren is blaring. Mookie Betts is once again on his way to LA, along with David Price and cash to cover half of what Price is owed over the next three years. Coming back to Boston are Alex Verdugo, Jeter Downs and Connor Wong. Chris and Ian break down the new deal and answer your questions.
February 5, 2020 Episode 173, Emergency Podcast -- Mookie Betts. This is not a test. The front office actually did it. Mookie Betts and David Price (plus some cash) are now Dodgers. Alex Verdugo and Brusdar Graterol are now Red Sox. And Chris and Ian are here for all of us.
January 29, 2020 Episode 172, We're going to try to talk baseball. This is a test of the emergency podcast system. This is only a test. If this had been an actual emergency podcast, Mookie Betts would no longer be a member of the Boston Red Sox. But as of the recording of this episode, no trade has been struck. While we wait for news to break (if it breaks), Chris and Ian talked through potential returns for Betts. Ian tackled the Padres; Chris took the Dodgers. And before they played fantasy GM, they recapped the latest moves and offered condolences for all the families and friends of the victims of the helicopter crash that took the life of Kobe Bryant and several family members of Red Sox amateur scout JJ Altobelli.
January 12, 2020 Episode 171, Alex Speier talks Homegrown, his top 10 and the Sox system. New Year, new laptop, new podcast, and a new book out from our guest Alex Speier (@alexspeier). Chris and Ian spend an hour with the Boston Globe beat writer discussing his new book, Homegrown: How the Red Sox Built a Champion from the Ground Up, his Baseball America top 10 rankings and other thoughts from the system, and questions from our listeners in the mailbag. Heck, they even got Alex’s real-time “thoughts” on a transaction that broke during the chat!
2019 Podcasts  
December 18, 2019 Episode 170, A string and two tin cans. Technical difficulties be damned (RIP Chris' laptop), Chris and Ian cobbled together a mid-December Podcast to tuck under your tree. Noah Song's active military service saga continues without a definitive resolution. We released new rankings and the guys talk about who's new, who moved and why some guys need to be seen before getting ranked higher. With the Rule 5 Draft completed, and the Sox making picks, the 40-man roster is a little fuller. Chris and Ian talk about the new guys in the system, as well as the most recent signings. Before cracking open the mailbag, they talk through some of the trade rumors. Finally, they wrap up with a quick discussion of the departure of Brian Bannister and how that affects the coaching staff and system.  Listen in!
November 19, 2019 Episode 169, Why are we here? It's an existential question, and perhaps an appropriate one as the organization ramps up in the most pivotal offseason in recent memory. First, Chris and Ian recap the Sox representatives' time at the Premier12 tournament, including a quick diversion into the latest news on Noah Song and his military commitment. It's also everyone's favorite time - the deadline to protect players from the Rule 5 Draft! Chris and Ian agree on the likely players - 4 of 'em - added to the 40-man roster. Finally, after a quick examination of the list of 42 teams that would lose their affiliation under MLB's radical realignment proposal, the guys got into a topic they've been teasing all offseason: the potential trade of Mookie Betts. What teams are potential landing spots? What is a realistic return? All that and more on this episode of the podcast!
November 8, 2019 Episode 168, Scott Boras is a genius. J.D. Martinez is coming back. And so are Chris and Ian to detail the latest off-season developments. First on tap, the aforementioned non-opt-out of the Red Sox designated hitter. But Chris and Ian caution, that doesn't mean he'll be suiting up for the Sox. Nor does it mean that Mookie Betts is getting dealt. But that's another show. Continuing on this show, the guys share updates from the Team USA Premier 12 tournament, which features four top ten Sox Prospects. After a quick email from one of our Canadian listeners, Chris and Ian get to the main event. They explain and go in-depth on MLB's proposal to alter minor league baseball. Make no mistake change is coming to the minors.  Listen in!
November 1, 2019 Episode 167, Halloween Candy Buyback Program. The hot stove fires have been stoked. Ian and Chris discuss the looming offseason. Topping it off, meet Chaim Bloom. The Red Sox took their time and did their due diligence. Bloom brings a creative mind and a collaborative spirit to the ball club. And his first move highlights a course correction. Along with Bloom, the Sox added new coaches to the big league bench. Chris and Ian pivot to rankings. They focus on the challenge of number three. Including a digression on the physics of baseball travel and manufacture. Working through the new rankings, Ian comments on how Instructs differed from prior years. The lack of games made it a challenge to assess the talented DSL guys in the system. We wrap up with the mailbag, both international and domestic editions.  Listen in!
September 13, 2019 Episode 166, I think we've got a lot to talk about. You may have heard about this. The Red Sox dismissed Dave Dombrowski Sunday night. Chris and Ian question the timing (of the announcement, not the decision). They make the case for why the club needed to make a change. Ian describes the lack of depth in the upper minors that put the Red Sox in a "No Man's Land" for in-season options. But the discussion is not solely centered on the now departed Dealer Dave. The rosters for the Arizona Fall League are almost entirely set. Boston's contingency is prospect heavy and very interesting. In contrast, clubs are changing the way they handle the fall Instructional Leagues and various foreign winter leagues, which Chris details briefly. And we close the show with an interesting note from the mailbag and a quick update on the clubs in the minor league playoffs. Listen in!
September 9, 2019 Episode 165, The Ballad of Big Joe. Even if the ultimate goal of minor league games is player development, winning still matters to those players. With Lowell and Salem qualifying for the post-season, we get more looks. Case in point, Ian saw both Spinner wins last week. He got good looks at Jay Groome, Yusniel Padron-Artiles, and Big Joe Davis among others. Chris and Ian talk through the Salem guys who shined in their post season series. And they close out the show by going through September's system rankings update.  Listen in!
August 27, 2019 Episode 164, Scouting catch-up pt. 2/Catching up with Mike Rikard. After focusing on the Lowell Spinners last episode, Chris and Ian emptied their scouting notebooks, which they filled in recent weeks with stops to see the Greenville Drive and Portland Sea Dogs. As if that weren't enough, Red Sox VP of Amateur Scouting Mike Rikard joined the podcast to talk about scouting for the draft generally and the 2019 draft class in particular. Listen in!
August 19, 2019 Episode 163, I want to be from hot waters. The annual summer hiatus is over. Chris and Ian return to update you with the latest from around the Red Sox' system. First up, they share insights on the DSL guys dealt for Andrew Cashner. The guys do a back of the envelope review of the 2020 big league club bench. From there, Chris goes over the late season promotions. With that covered, Ian and Chris talk about the Lowell Spinners. And man, that club is interesting. There isn't a night where you won't see a dude on the hill. Chris and Ian break down who's shoving, raking and the guys who just need the offseason to get here. In closing, the guys crack open the mailbag to get to your questions. Listen in!
July 14, 2019 Episode 162, I'm recording this podcast while drinking orange juice. The draft signing deadline has passed, and the Red Sox were busy. Chris and Ian took a look at the organization's final push to add amateur talent and sized up the 2019 class. Plus, a new month means new rankings and a chance to discuss some promotions and moves to the bullpen, as well as some recent looks at the Lowell Spinners. And we close, as always, with a heaping helping of your emails!
June 20, 2019 Episode 161, We always finish with the emails. With the short season clubs starting to get into full swing, Chris and Ian have a lot to talk about as we enter the busiest time of the year. The guys discuss what the Chris Owings signing means for the organization's roster depth, Michael Chavis' adjustments, Rafael Devers becoming one of the club's best players, and some draft signings to open things. Ian provides some updates from Lowell's opening weekend on Antoni Flores, Nick Decker, Gilberto Jimenez, Nick Northcut and more. Chris then takes over, analyzing some of the early returns from the DSL and looking at quick starts from Bryan Gonzalez, Albert Feliz, Brainer Bonaci, and more. A listener email asks about Jarren Duran's raw power and whether Decker could rise in the rankings. Listen in!
June 13, 2019 Episode 160, The G-forces will make you lose consciousness. The 2019 draft is in the books, and it's time for Chris and Ian to break it all down! Off the heels of our recap of the first two picks, we examined trends and discussed noteworthy players selected in rounds 3-40. Plus, we've got new June rankings, including a new top prospect, and the guys broke it all down. And as always, we answer your listener emails!
June 4, 2019 Episode 159, 2019 Draft Day 1 (and Duran Promotion) Special. It's that time of year: the Red Sox are adding some new blood to the system! On the first night of the 2019 MLB Draft, Boston selected Arizona shortstop Cameron Cannon and Puerto Rican shortstop Matthew Lugo. Chris and Ian hopped on for some SoxProspects After Dark analysis of the picks, plus some quick thoughts on outfielder Jarren Duran's promotion to Portland and a mea culpa on missing Greenville right-hander Thaddeus Ward when they discussed pending promotions last week.
May 31, 2019 Episode 158, Someone has to put you in your place. Fresh off his tour of Athens and the Hellenic Republic (many olives were crushed) Chris rejoins Ian to get back into the groove in our first podcast of the summer. With Memorial Day in our rearview mirror, the guys turn their attention to the draft coming up next week. They pivot to Michael Chavis who will not be heading back to Pawtucket any time soon. Next Chris and Ian tackle the likely prospect promotions to hit in the coming weeks. Ian notes the worrisome shoulder issue that has sidelined Bryan Mata. And the guys close out the show with a quick peak into the mailbag to talk about the new baseballs in Triple A, the scouting scale and two prospects who look to be in line for big league gigs in the coming years. Plus, we welcome back the Ludlow Thieves.
May 5, 2019 Episode 157, Definitely gonna crush some olives. Chris is ready for his trip to Greece and all the Feta cheese he can eat. But before it's wheels up, he and Ian cover a lot of ground in the first podcast of May. First up is a look at the way power numbers at AAA are going to impact various fringy power guys in the Sox system. Then they talk about the new second baseman with the big club. This kid has got plenty of raw and is showing it in games. Chris brings up a provision in the CBA regarding rehab assignments, which leads us into an injury update. Finally, the guys break down the new May Rankings. Lots to cover and so little time, so Listen in!
April 23, 2019 Episode 156, This is a monologue coming up, folks. We have a lot to discuss. Chavis is up. Swihart is out. And Christian Vazquez is...playing second base? You know, all these moves, it's starting to feel like the Sox might be scuffling and scrambling and oh yeah. It's time, isn't it? Panic mode engaged! Chris and Ian wade into the fray to break down Chavis' debut. Chris rants about how poorly the Red Sox handled Blake Swihart in the last couple of years. And then the guys get back to the system. We meet Marcus Wilson, who comes to the system in the Swihart deal. Plus, both Ian and Chris got to the ballpark. The guys break down several prospects with extended scouting reports. And speaking of trips to the ballpark, did you know you can get updated scouting reports right after we go to the park by signing up at Patreon and contributing at the $2 level? Visit Sox Prospects on Patreon for the details. No mailbag today, but get your emails and tweets in for our next episode, but for now...Listen in!
April 10, 2019 Episode 155, Season Preview/Spring Training Review. Yeah, about that World Series title defense—Chris and Ian have some thoughts. First up, now is not the time to panic. As Ian notes, the West Coast swing always presents challenges. And second, minor league baseball is back. The full-season affiliates are playing games and the guys are dialed in to break down the rosters and share more thoughts from camp. (Speaking of camp, make sure you check out our new Patreon benefit - Game Updates.) Ian goes over his impressions of a stacked Portland roster. They discuss the talent in Greenville, highlighting the depth of teenage talent in the system. The break down the rest of the system, plus the guys who stood out in camp who did not make a full season roster. And the guys bust open the mailbag to close out the show.
March 13, 2019 Episode 154, Spring Training Trip Preview. JetBlue is bustling. There's new grass on the field. The Sox are playing and getting geared up for the defense of their World Series victory. (It never gets old saying that). And with Spring in the air, Chris, Ian, Mike and the team are getting ready for their annual trip to the Fort. In this preview episode, Chris and Ian talk about the prospect stars from the first few weeks of major league camp, with Michael Chavis and Darwinzon Hernandez off to particularly hot starts. Then they break down the guys they are most looking forward to seeing on the back fields of minor league camp. And to close it out, they break open the mailbag to talk about the highest ceilings in the system.
February 15, 2019 Episode 153, The Truck is There. Pitchers and catchers have begun to arrive in Fort Myers. Baseball is back and so are we. Chris and Ian bust open the mailbag to answer your questions. Would the Red Sox ever use an opener? Chris and Ian go deep on that, and the state of starting pitching development in the Red Sox system. The guys bat around some timelines for Michael Chavis' debut. They look at the bullpen (again). Ian talks about the ultimate role of Mike Shawaryn. They discuss the Trey Ball hitting project. Jay Groome is throwing again. And finally, Chris and Ian take a look at the latest Sox system rankings from Keith Law at and from Kiley McDaniel and Eric Longenhagen at Fangraphs.
February 7, 2019 Episode 152, Red Sox VP of Amateur Scouting Mike Rikard. The countdown to Spring Training is on, and what better way to get geared up for the season than with a special guest: Red Sox VP of Amateur Scouting Mike Rikard! Mike shared insights on his career in the game-including almost 15 years with the Red Sox, the scouting process, and running a draft. With four drafts as the organization's scouting director under his belt, the guys also asked about some of his more noteworthy picks like Andrew Benintendi and Jay Groome, as well as the well-received class of 2018. Plus, Chris and Ian briefly discussed some of the team's slew of recent minor league signings.
January 12, 2019 Episode 151, Alex Speier's on the Podcast. Happy New Year! Chris and Ian kick off 2019 with a very special guest. They welcome the Boston Globe's Alex Speier (@alexspeier) back to the podcast for his unofficial annual appearance. Alex writes up the Sox top 10 prospects for Baseball America and holds court on the state of the system and all things Red Sox. Chris and Ian ask about Alex's recent articles (check out the links below). He shares what makes this year's rankings so unusual. Chris goes over both the depth at the corners in both the upper and lower minors and what the future of front office looks like. The guys wrap things up with a lightning round that highlights the most intriguing players in the system today.
2018 Podcasts  
December 19, 2018 Episode 150, We know what a Roman numeral V is. Chris and Ian and all of us at SoxProspects want to thank you all for a great 2018. But before Ian sets off for the UK and Chris journeys to Florida, we wanted to leave a final (maybe) SoxProspects Podcast present for you. The guys review the Winter Meetings and the Rule 5 Draft. Chris addresses Dombrowski's comments on the bullpen as he and Ian applaud how well positioned the team is on staffing the pen. They quickly run through the late year moves and transactions. Two excellent questions in the mailbag round out the show. Have a very happy holiday season, but before you do...Listen in!
November 29, 2018 Episode 149, I'm not dead inside. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Thanksgiving leftovers linger in the fridge and the last of the pumpkin pies has been finally eaten. And with the calendar poised to turn to December, we toss another log on the fire turn our eyes towards that most magical of wintry festivals. Yes, the hot stove is crackling and the winter meetings loom on the horizon. Chris and Ian start off with the 40-man roster. They break down the players protected from the rule V draft as well as the big name left exposed. They review the Arizona Fall League results. And then they take a look at the top 20 prospects and predict who gets dealt, who plays in Fenway next year and who stays down on the farm. Finally, we turn the show over to you and crack open the mailbag for some great questions.   Listen in!
November 12, 2018 Episode 148, Not a bad investment for a buck. Give it up for your 2018 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox. Chris and Ian get together to share the latest news from the system. After a quick recap of the Arizona Fall League and the goings on in Venezuela, they get down to how to assemble a World Series title team. They review the top player development stories in the system. They review the draft to end all drafts - 2011. They laud the deep scouting work done that brought guys like Robby Scott and Hector Velazquez. And finally, they take a short look at what the offseason ahead brings.  Listen in!
October 19, 2018 Episode 147, Season-end rankings spectacular. End-of-season rankings ... season is upon us, and the full complement of the SoxProspects brass is ready to chat about it. Chris and Ian welcome back The Dude himself, Mike Andrews, to the virtual studio for an extended discussion of the state of the Sox system. All topics are fair game: why Michael Chavis remains the consensus top prospect, why Darwinzon Hernandez jumped both Tanner Houck and Bryan Mata to become the top (healthy) pitching prospect in the system, the differences that put Antoni Flores ahead of CJ Chatham, the huge jumps by breakout players from Instructs for whom we don't even have headshots, and more. It sure seems like the depth, at least, is back, but is the system still down on the whole? We'll break it all down.  Listen in!
September 30, 2018 Episode 146, That's a heckuva signing for 10K. Last year, the Sox cancelled Instructs following the damage from Hurricane Irma. And we love Instructs. It's a fresh look at players who we haven't seen since Spring Training and a first look for guys who are new in the system. Ian went to Instructs. And he liked what he saw. Chris and Ian went deep on some of the guys and lightning round through all the players in Instructs. They welcome Chris Becerra to the front office. And they wrap up the show with a trip into the mailbag. Listen in!
September 12, 2018 Episode 145, We're letting it roll, so just go ahead. Our minor league revels now are ended for 2018. Before we turn our attention to the big club and their quest to break the franchise record for wins in a season, Chris and Ian wrap up the minor league season. They preview the Arizona Fall League, highlighting the strong contingent of Sox Prospects who will play for Mesa. They begin to game plan the off-season, before getting down to the in-depth review of the system at season end. Ian concludes that the system is coming back, thanks to a great draft and high volume of international signings. But first, Chris and Ian welcome unofficial podcast ombudsman and Senior Web Editor Matt Picard to refute Chris' slanderous comments about Kevin Youkilis. Listen in!
August 20, 2018 Episode 144, They have a Durin, Duran and Duron. Join Chris and Ian as they sort through the people's mailbag. They share their thoughts on the WooSox (Narrator: WooSox?) What do you think about WooSox? We'd like to know. Ian declared victory in the what is a prospect debate. He also saw Mike Shawaryn shove at Pawtucket. Then Chris cracked open the mailbag. They compare Bobby Dalbec and Michael Chavis. Ian and Chris agree that the logjam of players in corner spots will resolve itself soon enough. They go deep on Pedro Castellanos and his power profile. Plus does Denyi Reyes have enough stuff to go with his fantastic control? Listen in!
August 7, 2018 Episode 143, Ian might be silent about it. It's August, and the Red Sox are rolling. Chris and Ian break down the Kinsler trade. Now that the trade deadline has passed, the Sox are promoting prospects. Ian saw a few of the new guys at Pawtucket and reports on how they look. The guys throw down over what kinds of minor league players should be classified prospects. Should a 30-year-old journeyman minor leaguer be ranked alongside a 16-year-old Venezuelan amateur? Let us know your thoughts by dropping us a line. Speaking of your mail, Chris and Ian wrap up the show by opening the mailbag and answering your questions. Listen in!
July 28, 2018 Episode 142, Well, I do, so deal with it The trade deadline is right around the corner. With one swap in the books, Chris and Ian bid farewell to Jalen Beeks. They look ahead to potential upgrades to the big-league club, whether in the bullpen or at the keystone. Ian has been to Lowell and updates us on the progress of several promising young players in short-season ball. Then Chris and Ian break down the mid-season re-rankings from Baseball America and MLB Pipeline, in particular why their top fives look a bit different than ours. Ian talks about why Jay Groome is his number two guy in the system. Chris explains the challenges hitters with a first base-only defensive profile face. And the guys debate whether a hitter can shove. Despite Ian's claim to the contrary, they can't. Pitchers shove. Hitters rake. (Chris's note: Thank you, Joe)
July 17, 2018 Episode 141, ...And then there's hot streaks. As we reach the major league All-Star Break, Chris and Ian update us on changes in the site rankings, including the additions of the top international signee and final draft signings. Ian has seen Lowell and reports on a very interesting Spinners roster. Durbin Feltman is (was?) dealing. Jarren Duran is very fast. Meanwhile, Chris ventured to luxurious Woodbridge to see Salem. Bobby Dalbec is mashing. Bryan Mata is very young (and in the Futures Game, which Chris was also at). We also got to your emails. Ian weighs in on the challenges of scouting just the stat line. And leading off, Chris shared some good news: You should be getting podcast goodness more regularly now. You're welcome. Listen in!
July 2, 2018 Episode 140, I have never seen Airplane! Surely, you can't be serious! It looks like Chris and Ian picked the right time to record a podcast. The new rankings have landed. The Red Sox have locked in their draft picks in the upright position. International signings are cleared for take-off. Join Chris and Ian as they taxi through the system. Their first stop is the Steve Pearce trade. They go over the likelihood of more trades to add to Boston's budget for the July 2 prospects. Chris highlights the big movers and all the debuts in the new rankings. Ian recaps who he's seen at Pawtucket and Lowell. Listen in and don't call us Shirley!
June 15, 2018 Episode 139, The "lost" spring training reports. Remember that episode of Spring Training scouting reports we promised? Here it is. With the benefit of time (prepare to grimace when the guys excitedly talk about how great Jay Groome looked...), it looks like Chris and Ian saw some things coming and were way off on others. Listen in and find out!
June 5, 2018 Episode 138, 2018 Draft day one review. Well, that was unexpected! On the first day of the 2018 Draft, the Red Sox selected 3B/1B Triston Casas and OF Nick Decker, high schoolers from Florida and New Jersey, respectively. Each boasts raw power as his best tool and high upside. What did Chris and Ian think? If you've been listening, you probably already know, but download and find out on this special short episode! Listen in!
June 2, 2018 Episode 137, He looks like one of the bad guys from Ducktales. That's Juan Carlos Linares who looks like one of the Beagle Brothers. And if we're referencing JC Linares, who ranked in the top twenty in 2011, then you know that, yeah, the system isn't looking good right now. But that system transformed in a minute during the 2011 draft, and guess what time it is? With the first and second rounds on Monday night, Ian highlighted his take on the Sox draft strategy for the 2018 draft. The guys shared the new rankings, discussing Jay Groome's status after Tommy John, the latest on Tanner Houck and Bryan Mata at Salem, Jalen Beeks and his cut fastball, and scouting reports on Travis Lakins, Ty Buttrey and Williams Jerez. Plus much more. Listen In!
April 23, 2018 Episode 136, Ian is being a wisenheimer. Remember us? We've been busy. #BlameHatfield. After two-and-a-half soggy weeks of minor league games, we're back. Chris and Ian start with a rundown of the top talents in the system, who both happen to be sidelined, then broke down the wonderful success stories of Bobby Poyner and Marcus Walden, who both made the big club out of spring training. The guys renewed their objections to the handling of Blake Swihart. Finally, Chris and Ian noted the season-opening roster highlights and top early performers throughout the system, running the gamut from the loaded Salem rotation, young Greenville lineup, crowded PawSox pitching staff and Portland lineup that... really needed Josh Ockimey back.  Listen in!
March 21, 2018 Episode 135, 2018 Spring Training Trip Preview. The annual rite of spring approaches - the SoxProspects staff spring training trip is coming, and to set the table, Chris and Ian preview what they are looking forward to seeing when they get to the Fort. Ian notes the remaking of Tanner Houck. Chris lists out the questions that surround Cole Brannen. Ian wants to see Darwinzon Hernandez' new slider. Chris seeks to understand what Alex Scherff is. The guys talk about the lack of power in the system, and the guys who might reverse that trend. Chris muses on the pop-up arm that will catch the guys by surprise. And finally, they go over the potential middle infielders to build out the system's up-the-middle talent. Listen In!
February 25, 2018 Episode 134, Conspiracy Theories are Real. The quiet winter is over. Spring training kicked off and so did, at last, the hot stove. Chris and Ian broke it all down on a transaction-heavy edition of the Podcast. Mookie won. Eduardo Nunez signed. JD Martinez ... was signing. The guys bode farewell to Ben Taylor and Bryce Brentz. Ian deftly responded to our mailbag question. And Chris closed out the show with a brief chat with one of our Patreon contributors, Brian Morelli from Listen in!
January 22, 2018 Episode 133, Six Degrees of Ivan De Jesus. Chris and Ian return to talk about the glacial pace of the offseason. Henry Owens has left the system. JD Martinez still hasn't signed with the Sox. And while the big headlines tarry, the club has signed some minor league free agents, including Ivan De Jesus Jr. who returns to the club for his third stint. The guys go over non-roster invitations, touching on Chad De La Guerra's rise from 17th round pick to big league camp. They break down the club's AAA rule 5 pickups. Finally, they cover both Baseball America's and Baseball Prospectus' rankings of the Red Sox system. Listen In!
2017 Podcasts  
November 14, 2017 Episode 131.5, #Addendum. We recorded a podcast. Then the Red Sox went and did things that made the podcast old news before we even released it. So here is an addendum to our last episode, talking about the additions of Bryce Brentz and Williams Jerez to the 40-man roster; why Rusney Castillo might never see the majors under his current contract; and the Red Sox making some MLB coaching hires, including a few with ties to the farm system. Chris also opened the show with a few words about the passing of 17-year-old Daniel Flores. Listen In!
November 21, 2017 Episode 132, The cat is looking at me skeptically. Throughout the year, we get questions about who the Red Sox will protect from the Rule 5 Draft in the coming offseason. This week, we learned who those players are, so what better time to discuss? Why did the Red Sox protect Jalen Beeks, Ty Buttrey, and Chandler Shepherd? Listen and find out! Plus, the Arizona Fall League is over, so we recapped the fall campaigns of Michael Chavis, Henry Owens, and their compatriots on the league champion Peoria Javelinas. Finally, we mused how might Blake Swihart and Marco Hernandez fit on the 2018 Red Sox roster.
November 14, 2017 Episode 131.5, #Addendum. We recorded a podcast. Then the Red Sox went and did things that made the podcast old news before we even released it. So here is an addendum to our last episode, talking about the additions of Bryce Brentz and Williams Jerez to the 40-man roster; why Rusney Castillo might never see the majors under his current contract; and the Red Sox making some MLB coaching hires, including a few with ties to the farm system. Chris also opened the show with a few words about the passing of 17-year-old Daniel Flores. Listen In!
November 2, 2017 Episode 131, #BlameHatfield. Chris and Ian are back to wrap up the 2017 season and look ahead to 2018. In news, the club signed some minor league free agents and the major league club got a new manager. How might those events trickle down to other players and coaches in the system? Is Bryce Brentz coming back? Is Carlos Febles moving up to the majors? (As it turned out, the answer to both was "yes.") Plus, the fall and winter leagues are up and running, so we're due for an update. Wrapping up the 2017 season, the guys discussed some season-end awards and the site's official season-end rankings. Listen In!
September 12, 2017 Episode 130, Lots of stuff about error bars. September brings us minor league playoffs, September call-ups in both the majors and minors, and of course, a new set of rankings. Who's fueling the Greenville Drive's playoff run? Why is Chris so fired up about Bryce Brentz? Who did Ian try to rank much higher than the other brass members? Listen and find out!
August 31, 2017 Episode 129, I've had a long, weird day. With the calendar turning to September and the minor league season about to wrap up, Chris and Ian discussed the news and took a bunch of your questions! The Arizona Fall League rosters have been released, and the Red Sox are sending an interesting crew into the desert in October. The news highlights included Jay Groome's season ending with an injury, the in-game debut of a 2017 draftee and the on-mound debut of another, and a few transactions of note. And finally, you came through with an 80-grade set of mailbag questions. Why doesn't raw power always actualize in games? Might Mookie Betts ever move back to second base? Where would Blake Swihart rank if he were still eligible for the site rankings? The answers to these and more await!
August 15, 2017 Episode 128, I Read the Spark Notes and it was Pretty Interesting. Promotions marked the start of August, and having seen Pawtucket, Portland, and Lowell recently between them, Chris and Ian had plenty to talk about. Included in the first-hand talk are the surging (and relevant again?) Bryce Brentz, the new-look Henry Owens, the red-hot Michael Chavis, and 2016 draftees Brett Netzer and Jake Thompson, among others.
July 31, 2017 Episode 127, Stranger Things Hatfield. It's the trade deadline. Chris and Ian broke down the trades to acquire Addison Reed for Jamie Callahan, Stephen Nogosek and Gerson Bautista and Eduardo Nunez for Shaun Anderson and Gregory Santos. They bid farewell to Luis Ysla, who was dealt the Dodgers in a move to clear room for Nunez on the roster. They celebrated the promotion of wunderkind Rafael Devers, now hitting sixth in your Red Sox lineup. Devers wasn't the only promotion in the system and the guys tackled all the news and notes surrounding a very busy trade deadline. Plus, we opened the mailbag with your questions, comments and considerations.
July 17, 2017 Episode 126, It's What We Do When Skype Is Working, At Least. Chris and Ian battle technical difficulties on a big news weekend. Rafael Devers got upped. They say so long to Pablo Sandoval and Jhonny Peralta. They also discuss the recently shuffled rankings now that the draft and the J2 signing period are in the books. But, the trade deadline looms. Is Todd Frazier on the way? And if so, how much, how much is it going to cost the Red Sox? And will the players who will need to vie for a spot on the 40-man roster ahead of this winter's rule 5 draft be among the guys dealt? Ian spent some time watching Portland before Devers was promoted and drops some gems on the guys he saw. And we get to your emails.
July 4, 2017 Episode 125, International signings with Baseball America's Ben Badler. A very special Independence Day edition of the SoxProspects Podcast brings Ben Badler back to talk about the Red Sox's haul of international free agents. The guys talked with Ben about Venezuelan catcher Daniel Flores, the consensus second-ranked prospect in the 2017 class, and the rest of the players who've signed. Chris and Ian also talked about the players traded for international bonus pool money, the latest draft signings, and the latest rankings.
June 25, 2017 Episode 124, Would make for worse radio than we give people. Ian and Chris hung out to discuss the latest news on the Red Sox system. The promotion of Michael Chavis and what that means for both Chavis and Rafael Devers headlines the discussion. Will Chavis even be in the Sox system after the trade deadline? The promotion of Tzu-Wei Lin to Boston prompted another discussion of the team's lack of infield depth. There were plenty of draft signings to cover, Ian provided a run down of what he's seen in Lowell so far, and the guys discussed the long road ahead for Jay Groome.
June 21, 2017 Episode 123, Draft Review with Jim Callis of Jim Callis of joined us for our annual draft review to talk about how the Red Sox 2017 draft class looks coming out of last week's 40 rounds! Chris and Jim talked about the club's picks from the first five rounds and some later round sleepers. Also on the agenda were some general draft questions from our listeners: What qualifies as a successful draft? Why did were more first basemen drafted in the first 50 picks this year? And finally, Jim chimed in on a topic that's been hot on the SoxProspects Forums: Would an MLB team ever blow past the draft bonus cap, and why or why not? And how did that lead to Jim telling a great story on the Red Sox 2005 draft and how that affected the organization for years afterward?
June 13, 2017 Episode 122, Draft Night 1 reaction. Chris and Ian couldn't wait, so they hopped right on the Podcast Machine to chat about the Red Sox selections in the First and Second Round of the 2017 MLB Draft! Is Missouri right-hander Tanner Houck, the club's first pick, a starter or reliever down the road? What's the projection on Georgia high school outfielder Cole Brannen? Where do these two potentially slot in the rankings? All of this and more in our special, instant reaction edition of the pod!
June 7, 2017 Episode 121, Draft Preview with JJ Cooper of Baseball America.  Another episode, another guest. This week, JJ Cooper abandons the bear and joins Chris and Ian for a draft preview extravaganza. JJ discusses players who have been linked to the Sox and touches on some of the more interesting strategies teams have employed in recent years to maximize their talent hauls in the draft. Chris and Ian go deep on the recent spate of promotions. And if it's a new month, we have rankings to run down. Plus your questions answered.
May 30, 2017 Episode 120, It wouldn't be the first time you haven't recorded a podcast. Brendan McGair from the Pawtucket Times joins Chris and Ian for the 120th edition of the SoxProspects Podcast. Chris and Ian are in a celebratory mood as we have, thanks to your help surpassed our initial goal on Patreon. And speaking of Patreon, our first Patron chat is coming up soon. If you want to get in on it, sign up at Patreon. Chris and Ian talk about the latest round of promotions, the PawSox stadium situation, some notable players in Pawtucket and discuss the state of the system as we head to the June 1st rankings update.
May 21, 2017 Episode 119, I'm abusing nothing! Chris is back from Greenville to join Ian for a news heavy Podcast. Prospects are getting promoted. Chris and Ian analyze all the moves and all the injuries we're tracking in the system. Chris quizzes Ian on the players in the Sox system who launched at least 10 home runs last season. With an extra week, you answered the call and refilled the mailbag with gusto. We have a Devers update and more of your questions.
May 8, 2017 Episode 118, Ehhh, You're Not That Funny. The partners in crimes, Chris and Ian, have the SoxProspects virtual podcast studio all to themselves. They break down the decision to hold off on rushing Rafael Devers to Boston. They go over why it's Kyle Kendrick and not Brian Johnson or Henry Owens replacing Steven Wright. Plus, an in-depth overview of the 2-8 scouting scale, how options work and some speculation on why so many pitchers in the system are mowing guys down. Plus, it's mailbag emptying time.
May 1, 2017 Episode 117, They're Literally Gobbling Up a Storm Right Now. Chris and Ian welcome Mike Andrews, the Dude, His Dudeness, or el Duderino - if you're not into the whole brevity thing - to the Podcast just in time to go over the new rankings, because it's May at last. An end to April showers and Pawtucket rainouts. We also crown a new king atop the Sox Prospects ranking leaderboard. Ian, Chris and Mike go over the risers, fallers and all the rankings related news. Ian spends a minute sharing the latest from Pawtucket. And Chris cracks open the mail bag to get to your questions.
April 14, 2017 Episode 116, I'm a Bad Person, What Can I Tell Ya. Ian and Chris welcome Chaz Fiorino to the Podcast and go deep on Portland. We have an update on Rafael Devers. We go into the intrigue of Aneury Tavarez spend more time as a Sea Dog. Chaz and Ian play bullpen bingo with the Portland 'pen. We peer into the mailbag to find out just what we have in both Ben Taylor and Jamie Callahan and we bid a parting tribute to our friend and now former colleague Matt Heugel.
April 6, 2017 Episode 115, Learning to Pronounce Shawaryn. Real actual baseball. Minor League season kicked off tonight and with the rains in the northeast, Pawtucket and Portalnd were washed away. And what better time than now to review rosters and dip into the mailbag to answer your questions. Ian and Chris check in on the Portland bullpen quartet. The compare the depth between Salem and Portland. Ian still isn't buying the Roniel Raudes story. Greenville's rotation looks to be the best of the minor league affiliates. Jeremy Rivera's suspension gives the guys a chance to discuss the minor league policies for drug suspensions. And we've got your emails.
March 23, 2017 Episode 114, Straight Outta A-Ball. With Fort Myers in the rearview mirror, Chris and Ian stick a set of chopsticks into Spring Training. Chris sits down with Sox farmhand and member of the upstart Team Israel team, Mike Myers. Ian elaborates on the Jason Groome experience. Chris and Ian review the A-Ball pitchers and hitters from the end of the Spring Training trip. Chris swerves by his standing rant about how the Rule 5 draft hurts Latin players. Tyler Hill makes another Podcast appearance as the Sox continue to trial him in center this spring.
March 16, 2017 Episode 113, It's Hard to Develop Baseball Players. From Fort Myers and the delightful Hampton Inn. Chris and Ian deal with the unseasonably chilly weather (for Florida) and talk about the early minors spring training games. We have a Christopher Acosta update. Long-time listener and returning emailer Joe clears the air. Finally, Chris and Ian contemplate the challenge of developing good major league players, even for bullpen positions.
March 14, 2017 Episode 112, If He Dies, He Dies. With winter weather clinging bitterly to Boston, Chris, Matt and Ian look ahead to their spring training trip. Up first is an overview of what the guys are looking forward to seeing when they get to the balmy summer climes of the Fort. And then from the mailbag, listener Joe calls out the lack of statistical context when judging the flukiness of Rusney Castillo's winter revival. Finally, they lament the end of the beloved Blue Sushi and wonder whether Brahma Sushi can compare.
February 28, 2017 Episode 111, Spring at Last. After a winter hibernation, Chris, Matt and Ian have a backlog of questions and a lot to cover in advance of the staff trip to Fort Myers. It's Spring Training at last. Many recent top Sox Prospects are in Arizona with the Padres or the White Sox. The time has come to survey the state of the system and some of the Non-Roster Invitees to camp. Andrew Benintendi has bulked up. Rafael Devers is in Big League camp along with an interesting mix of post-prospects like Blake Swihart. The guys also review the AFL and discuss the players who were dealt this winter. Plus, Christopher Acosta is back.
2016 Podcasts  
December 6, 2016 Episode 110, Dealin' Dave's Winter Sale. Sound the emergency podcast siren! Dealin' Dave was at it again today, acquiring Tyler Thornburg from Milwaukee for Travis Shaw, Mauricio Dubon, and Josh Pennington, then coming back hours later and landing the white whale from the White Sox in Chris Sale, giving up the system's top prospect, Yoan Moncada, along with Michael Kopech, Luis Alexander Basabe, and Victor Diaz. In all, four of the team's top nine prospects coming into the day, with two more on the fringes of the top 20, are headed out, but for a couple of major pieces. What did Chris and Ian think? And how did they answer your questions?
November 16, 2016 Episode 109, Alex Speier on Ranking the System. Making his fourth appearance on the podcast, Alex Speier of the Boston Globe and Baseball America joined the guys to discuss his recently released Red Sox Top 10 list. How did he pick between Andrew Benintendi and Yoan Moncada? Michael Kopech and Jason Groome? Plus we hit on some other topics, like a potential Mookie Betts extension and what players might be trade fodder for the next Dave Dombrowski deal.
November 7, 2016 Episode 108, 2016 Rankings Special. Chris, Ian, Matt, and the returning Mike Andrews marked the end of the season by breaking down the debates that led to our end-of-season rankings! Topics discussed included ranking Yoan Moncada over Andrew Benintendi at number 1 and Jason Groome over Michael Kopech as the system's top pitching prospect, how the system looks compared to past seasons, and highlights all the way down each of the guys' top 60 rankings.
October 11, 2016 Episode 107, Instructs 2016. On what proved to be the final day of the Boston Red Sox 2013 season, Chris and Ian recapped the latter's trip to Instructs. Scouting reports included Jason Groome, CJ Chatham, Victor Diaz, Roldani Baldwin, Bryan Mata, and others... even Pablo Sandoval! Plus, we answered a slew of listener questions: Which players might get surprising, aggressive assignments next year? What will the Sox do with all of their minor league third basemen, and will Rafael Devers move off of the position? Who is the next Robby Scott... and what do you take that question to mean? These and more discussed herein!
September 19, 2016 Episode 106, AJ No-Teller. Coming down the stretch in MLB, that doesn't mean there isn't anything to talk about in the world of SoxProspects! In this episode, the guys wrap up each affiliate's season, discuss the Fall Instructional League roster, and the Padres trade scandal. Plus your emails! Which players might get protected from the Rule 5 draft this offseason (take 2)? What mechanical flaws are immediate red flags? What's the deal with Rafael Devers' 18 steals? Plus, thoughts on Jake Cosart, Austin Glorius, Matt Kent, and more!
September 9, 2016 Episode 105, MoncadainBoston. Moncada to the majors? September call-ups? First-hand Jason Groome, Bobby Dalbec, CJ Chatham, and Mike Shawaryn reports? And even new rankings? Sounds like a recipe for a podcast, so Chris and Ian got into the kitchen to cook up some prospect talk.
August 21, 2016 Episode 104, BeninBoston. Since the last episode, we've seen Andrew Benintendi make his debut in the majors and Yoan Moncada make his debut at third. Could the latter join his former Portland teammate in Boston, and is anyone else in the minors ready to come up and help the big league club? Like say... in the bullpen? Plus quick hits on why Rafael Devers and Michael Kopech won't get promoted, the trade of Pat Light, Arizona Fall League assignment predictions, and first-hand reports from Lowell. Plus your emails led to discussion of Kyri Washington, Nick Hamilton, Christopher Acosta, Luis Alexander Basabe, and more.
July 25, 2016 Episode 103, Yes, Devers loves me, the homers tell me so. In this week's episode, we have new first-hand updates on Yoan Moncada, Andrew Benintendi, Rafael Devers, and Michael Kopech! Plus, we hit a ton of listener emails: Why can't the Red Sox develop starting pitching? Which Travis - Sam or Shaw - is more likely to be the club's first baseman in two years? How might the Red Sox break in Andrew Benintendi when he gets called up? All this and more await, so hit the download button!
July 18, 2016 Episode 102, Groome signs, Dave deals, podcast delivered. So a few things have gone down over the past 10 days, eh? The guys had a ton to talk about - the trades of Luis Alejandro Basabe and Jose Almonte for Brad Ziegler and, more importantly, Anderson Espinoza for Drew Pomeranz showed why the Prez of Baseball Ops is becoming known to many as Dealin' Dave. Plus, the Red Sox were able to get Jason Groome signed before the July 15 deadline, along with fellow draftees Bobby Dalbec and Mike Shawaryn, so the guys ran down what they thought of the full draft haul and how the Groome signing may have played into the club's willingness to move Espinoza. And with the deadline past, the SoxProspects Rankings were updated - where did all of the new guys fall? And who moved based on what the guys have seen in Lowell, Greenville, Salem, Portland, and Pawtucket over the past few weeks? Listen for all this and more!
July 7, 2016 Episode 101, Trade, penalties fill the news. The news in this episode was big enough to take up most of the conversation. First, just hours before we recorded, RHP Aaron Wilkerson and 2B Wendell Rijo were dealt to Milwaukee for infielder Aaron Hill and cash. And earlier in the week, Major League Baseball imposed unprecedented penalties on the Red Sox organization for rules violations relating to their acquisition of several international amateur free agents last season. Between those big stories, a draft signings update, and the Top 4 Update, we've got a packed episode!
June 27, 2016 Episode 100, Your regularly scheduled June programming. With all of that draft craziness out of the way, it's time to get back to the grind, and with promotions afoot and new seasons beginning, there was plenty for the guys to talk about. In the Top 4 Update, Yoan Moncada (and his friends Mauricio, Jalen, and Ben) got promoted, Andrew Benintendi is getting his footing, and Rafael Devers is finally coming out of his funk. Meanwhile, the Lowell and GCL seasons have started, and Ian sat on the Spinners' first five games, giving him plenty to report about the best pitching staff that team has had in recent memory. And of course, we read and answered your emails!
June 16, 2016 Episode 99, 2016's Jim Callis talks draft. With the 2016 MLB draft in the books, our friend Jim Callis of came on the podcast to dissect the draft as a whole and the selections made by the Red Sox over the event's three days. Why did Jason Groome fall, will he sign, and what other team might he have had a deal with before the Red Sox plucked him at number 12 overall? How do the five college juniors selected by the Red Sox in rounds 2-6 compare to their selections in that range in past years? Will any of the well-regarded late-round picks sign? Jim answered these questions and more!
June 10, 2016 Episode 98.5, Draft night 1 recap - Sox take top prep LHP Groome. Chris, Ian, and Senior Staff Writer Will Woodward got on the horn quickly to react to the Red Sox selecting prep lefty Jason Groome out of New Jersey and Florida Atlantic shortstop C.J. Chatham in the first two rounds of the MLB Draft on Thursday night. Given that Groome was ranked by many as the top talent in the draft and reportedly fell due to signability and makeup concerns, there was plenty to talk about (and will be in the coming weeks).
June 6, 2016 Episode 98, 2016 Draft Preview with Baseball America's JJ Cooper. It's draft week! To prepare for this year's MLB First-Year Player Draft, which starts on Thursday, June 9, Chris spoke to Baseball America Managing Editor JJ Cooper about a number of topics, including BA's history of draft coverage, the general strengths and weaknesses of this year's draft class, some players who could be on the radar for the Red Sox at pick 12, and whether the club might re-draft some past selections. Plus, in lieu of the Big 4 Update, we spoke with JJ about his thoughts on their starts to the season.
June 2, 2016 Episode 97, Rankings and emails, emails and Rankings. As the calendar turns to June, we've got a new set of rankings to dissect and a bunch of listener emails to answer! We check in on the Big 4, chat about the hard luck that has taken the top two prospects on the Pawtucket Red Sox out of action, analyze Josh Ockimey's great start to the season and corresponding climb to the top 20, review the bullpen arms in Pawtucket and Greenville, and more!
May 8, 2016 Episode 96, Catching up on catching up. In the unofficial second part of the crew's roundup of the first month-plus of the season, the guys looked at the goings-on in Portland and Greenville. The Sea Dogs are struggling in the standings, but noteworthy mound performances by Aaron Wilkerson and Chandler Shepherd merit discussion and further looks at Williams Jerez, Luis Ysla, Henry Ramos, and Jake Romanski were undertaken. Greenville has been home to many of the season's early pleasant surprises. Among the members of the Drive discussed are Michael Chavis, Josh Ockimey, Roniel Raudes, the Basabe twins, Kyri Washington, Tate Matheny, Austin Glorius, Jake Cosart, and Bobby Poyner. And in the Big 4 Update, the topics included which days - precisely - we might see an Andrew Benintendi promotion (could it be this week?), how much longer Yoan Moncada might spend in Salem (longer than Benintendi, at least), and Anderson Espinoza's record-tying start for the Drive (he gooooood).
May 2, 2016 Episode 95, One month in, start it up again. It's been a month, but Chris came back from being a big shot and got back on the horn with Matt and Ian to discuss the season's first month. Things kick off with the first edition of the Big 4 Update, looking at whether Yoan Moncada's strikeouts are a concern and why Andrew Benintendi and Rafael Devers flipped in the site rankings update on May 1. Then the guys gave us their notes from the field from the first month. Chris had the latest from Salem, with reports on Moncada, Benintendi, Devers, Trey Ball, and others. Then Ian and Matt responded with the word from Pawtucket on Sam Travis and Deven Marrero. Finally, the guys aired it out on whether it is a good idea for Blake Swihart to start getting reps in left field, and what's gotten into the big riser in the May 1 rankings, Teddy Stankiewicz.
March 24, 2016 Episode 94, Reports from the Fort 2016. Another successful trip to minor league spring is in the books for the crew. With fresh scouting and other intel to share, Chris, Matt, Ian, and Chaz got on the horn to talk about what they saw, as well as the All-New, All-Different SoxProspects Rankings! How did the big four of Yoan Moncada, Rafael Devers, Anderson Espinoza, and Andrew Benintendi look? What led to big jumps in the standings from Travis Lakins, Christopher Acosta, and Luis Alejandro "Not Just the Other" Basabe? Why has Yankory Pimentel made Chaz rethink everything he knows about scouting? All of this and more await in this episode.
March 16, 2016 Episode 93, Pre-Camp Mailbag. In preparation for our trip to Fort Myers, the guys cleaned out the mailbag, answering your questions about the state of the farm system! Who would they pick for their All-Underrated Red Sox prospect team? How well would Mookie Betts do if he were to go down to A-ball? Conversely, what if Anderson Espinoza were called up to the majors right now? Is Travis Shaw a hall of famer? How does a team develop power arms? These questions and more await!
March 10, 2016 Episode 92, Jim Callis of Returns. The guys are pumped that their trip to Spring Training is drawing near, but first, they got on the horn with Friend of the Site Jim Callis of to talk about the state of the farm system! released its Top 30 Red Sox prospects last week, so we had plenty of questions for Jim, and he had answers. Do the Sox have the best quartet of prospects in the game? Where was Andrew Benintendi on the club's draft board last June? How will his hand injury affect Michael Kopech's development and prospect stock? This and more await in another great episode!
March 2, 2016 Episode 91, Camp talk with Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe. Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe has been all over coverage of the early stages of spring training, and he joined us for a conversation about all the goings on! What minor leaguers have already caught Pete's eye? How much work has Yoan Moncada been doing with the major leaguers? Are there really competitions for spots in the rotation and the back of the bullpen? Plus, Peter had a great story about his introduction to covering minor league baseball.
February 24, 2016 Episode 90, Rankings Talk; Listener Questions. Pitchers and catchers have reported, so it must be time to fire the podcast machine back up! Chris, Matt, and Ian got back on the horn to discuss the (current and former) Red Sox prospects ranked among the game's top 100 prospects by various outlets. Can we learn anything by the rankings of Yoan Moncada, Rafael Devers, Andrew Benintendi, Anderson Espinoza, and Michael Kopech? Also, we got some great reader questions about Moncada, Henry Owens and Brian Johnson, Austin Glorius, Karsten Whitson, the 2016 draft class, and more! Who were our picks for sleeper breakout seasons? Who from last year's draft class are we excited to see in 2016? Listen to find out!
2015 Podcasts  
December 21, 2015 Episode 89, Alex Speier on Baseball America's Top 10 Prospects. It's ranking season, and that gave us an excuse to get our friend Alex Speier of the Boston Globe and Baseball America to discuss his recently released list of the top 10 Red Sox prospects! We discuss the organization's first-class top 10 and potentially worrisome lack of depth after the top 7, whether the Red Sox gave up too much in the Craig Kimbrel deal, and much more!
November 14, 2015 Episode 88, Breaking Down the Kimbrel Trade. Well, it did not take very long into the offseason for Dave Dombrowski to make a blockbuster move, as the Red Sox traded four of their top 25 prospects on Friday for Padres closer Craig Kimbrel. If there ever was a time for an emergency podcast, this is it, so Chris, Matt, and Ian got on the horn to discuss the ins and outs of the deal. We have scouting reports on Manuel Margot, Javier Guerra, Logan Allen, Carlos Asuaje, and even Kimbrel. Was it an overpay, and even if it was, does it still make sense for the Sox? How much does it matter that the system is so deep and the Sox are set at shortstop and center field? How did the free agent market influence the deal? We leave no stone unturned in our debate!
October 26, 2015 Episode 87, Season in review, pt. 2; Trey Ball interview. The long-awaited second half of our season wrap-up hits three of your emails, then goes through our season-end rankings! How high did upstart Venezuelan Anderson Espinoza push into the top five, and why? What led to Luis Alexander Basabe and Logan Allen pushing into the top 15? What else did Ian see at Fall Instructs? Plus, we close with Chris's interview with 2013 first-round pick Trey Ball, looking back on his season in Salem the the pressures of being the #7 overall pick.
September 22, 2015 Episode 86, Season in review, pt. 1. It's time to wrap up the season! We start by taking your listener questions. What players would be the best converting to or from the mound? Do the Red Sox promote players more aggressively than they used to? We then recap the 2015 All-Stars. Who did our Forum members vote as the best at their positions in 2015? The answers may ... actually they probably won't surprise you really. Lastly, we debate our picks for each of the 2015 Awards, such as Offensive Player of the Year, Pitcher of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Breakout Player of the Year, and more! Lots of good debate here, as there were lots of tough choices.
September 10, 2015 Episode 85, Final notes from the field, Sept. rankings, Wendell Rijo interview. In Notes from the Field, Chris, Ian, and Chaz shared their reports on Pawtucket's Matt Barnes, Marco Hernandez, and William Cuevas; Salem's Wendell Rijo, Mauricio Dubon, Teddy Stankiewicz, Ty Buttrey; and Lowell's Logan Allen, Travis Lakins, and Yankory Pimentel. Reviewing the September rankings update, we discuss Yoan Moncada overtaking Rafael Devers at the top, and comparing the fast-rising Anderson Espinoza and Andrew Benintendi against the "old guard" of the Top 10. Finally, we share Chris's interview with Salem Red Sox second baseman Wendell Rijo. Wendell discussed his rise through the minors so far, changes he's made to his swing, the difficulties international players face coming to the U.S., and more.
August 28, 2015 Episode 84, Mailbag extravaganza! We've got a backlog of listener emails to get to, so what better time than the present to talk about what you want to hear? You guys had some outstanding questions that gave us plenty to talk about. What are the odds of a top prospect becoming a good major leaguer? Which pitchers have the highest ceilings in the system? What players rank as the best in each of the five tools? And of course there's current events: What can we expect from Dave Dombrowski as President of Baseball Ops, and is Jackie Bradley's rebound for real? All of this and more awaits!
August 21, 2015 Episode 83, Interview special with Michael Chavis and Nick Longhi. This week, we're hitting you with a couple of interviews with members of the Greenville Drive: third baseman Michael Chavis and first baseman/outfielder Nick Longhi. Chavis, a 2014 first-round pick, discussed what it was like sharing third base with Rafael Devers, the pressures of being a first-rounder, and what's with the whole "11:11" thing. Longhi talked about what most listeners of the podcast could probably only dream about - being a Red Sox fan drafted by the Red Sox - as well as a number of other topics including visiting the Dominican Instructional League.
August 5, 2015 Episode 82, Teddy Stankiewicz interview, August Rankings. It's now August, and we've got our second straight new top prospect! Why did Rafael Devers leapfrog Yoan Moncada to take the top spot? How about the jumps made by the likes of Anderson Espinoza, Marco Hernandez, and Luis Alexander Basabe? Plus the guys talked about the (then-pending) debut of Henry Owens, the injury to Brian Johnson, the move of Matt Barnes back to the rotation, and the promotion of Kevin Steen to Lowell. To cap the episode, we present Chris' interview with Salem right-hander Teddy Stankiewicz, talking about pitching, bus rides, and the shocking discovery from his pre-signing physical.
July 24, 2015 Episode 81, Dropping in on the Drive, Darren Fenster interview. Chris and Ian just spent some time watching the Greenville Drive, and they had plenty to talk about! The guys chatted with Matt about their thoughts on Yoan Moncada, Rafael Devers, Javier Guerra, Michael Chavis, Nick Longhi, and more! While he was in town, Chris also checked in with Drive manager Darren Fenster to discuss what's been going on with these players behind the scenes, as well as getting the manager's take on life in the minors. Plus, the guys talk about Brian Johnson's MLB debut, and your listener emails hit on players from throughout the system and beyond: How does Devers compare to Xander Bogaerts at the same age? Where have Karsten Whitson and Christopher Acosta been? Which players might move positions? All this and more!
July 17, 2015 Episode 80, Ty Buttrey interview, Salem and Lowell notes. It's another action-packed edition of the SP Pod, featuring an interview with Salem Red Sox right-hander Ty Buttrey! Chris sat down with him recently in Frederick and talked about his bounce-back season, injuring his hand last year, Clash of Clans, and more! Plus, Chris brought back his scouting notes from seeing a pair of Salem games dishing on Buttrey, Daniel McGrath, Aaron Wilkerson, German Taveras, Wendell Rijo, Mauricio Dubon, Jordan Procyshen, and more. Not to be outdone, Ian countered with notes from Lowell on Andrew Benintendi('s BP), Austin Rei, Tate Matheny, Jake Cosart, Ben Taylor, Luis Alexander Basabe, Victor Acosta, and Jeremy Rivera. Plus, your emails!
July 1, 2015 Episode 79, Promotions, Signings, Rankings, Fireworks? With the calendar turning to July, Chris and Ian got on the horn and had plenty to talk about, starting with a slew of recent promotions, including those of Manuel Margot, Sam Travis, and Mauricio Dubon to new affiliates and Deven Marrero, Jonathan Aro, and Jackie Bradley to the majors, among others. Plus the Red Sox are now mostly done with draft signings - after inking Andrew Benintendi, how much money is left? And of course, new month, new rankings, including a new number one prospect and debates aplenty! We close, as usual with your emails.
June 21, 2015 Episode 78, Checking in on the PawSox. Many outlets have noted the abundance of prospects on the Pawtucket Red Sox roster this season. So what about it then? We're past the midway point of June, and after getting plenty of looks at what the Triple-A club has to offer, Chris, Matt, and Ian talked about who's up and who's down for the PawSox, including Travis Shaw, Garin Cecchini, Jackie Bradley, Brian Johnson, Henry Owens, Pat Light, Dayan Diaz, Jonathan Aro, and more. At the other end of the ladder, the Lowell Spinners started their season on Friday, and the GCL Sox will start on Monday. What did the guys think of the season-opening Lowell roster, and what that probably means down at the complex? Listen and find out. And as always, we answered your listener emails, which led to a discussion regarding the development of Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts.
June 8, 2015 Episode 77, Welcome to the Sox, Andrew Benintendi. On Monday, the Red Sox selected Arkansas sophomore center fielder Andrew Beninteni with the seventh overall pick in this year's MLB Draft. Chris, Ian, and Matt quickly hopped on for their reactions: Did they like the pick? Where might he debut in the rankings? Where will he play this year and next? Those answers, plus video game music!
June 6, 2015 Episode 76, Draft Preview with Kiley McDaniel. The Draft is in two days, so Chris and Ian got on the horn with Fangraphs Lead Prospect Analyst Kiley McDaniel to preview who might be on the Red Sox radar with the seventh overall selection. We discussed the players in play, as well as the club's strategy with their second pick not coming until the third round at 81st overall. Plus, Kiley talks about his recent viewing of the Greenville Drive, focusing on Michael Kopech, Rafael Devers, Javier Guerra, Nick Longhi, and Michael Chavis.
June 1, 2015 Episode 75, So, about those pitchers... Following the big debut of Eduardo Rodriguez and the Boston rotation's continued struggles, it's sure looking like it's time for the Red Sox to start leaning on that stacked Triple-A rotation we heard about in the preseason. But what can we expect from Rodriguez, Brian Johnson, and Henry Owens, both now and in the future? Chris, Matt, and Ian talked about that, as well as when it's time to promote a player in the minors - spurred by 18-year-old Rafael Devers's hot month of May in Greenville - as well as the latest update to the site rankings!
May 10, 2015 Episode 74, April Recap and First-Hand Notes. With Chris returning from the other side of the world, he got Ian and Matt on the horn to look back at the season's first month. The guys talked about the new rankings' movers and shakers, as well as some recent MLB call-ups and the outlook for players like Blake Swihart, Jackie Bradley, and Matt Barnes. The guys also had plenty to report from the field(s), having seen Pawtucket, Portland, and Greenville already in this young season. Listen for reports on Henry Owens, Rafael Devers, and more! Finally, in response to reader questions, the guys quickly discussed the Red Sox' potential plans for the number 7 pick in next month's draft.
April 14, 2015 Episode 73, Scout Talk and Season's Start. With the season underway, Chris, Ian, Matt, and podcast rookie Chaz Fiorino had plenty to chat about in this extra-large episode! First, the guys examined the affiliate rosters, picking superlatives and discussing surprises. Then, taking advantage of having both Ian and Chaz on, they talked about scouting: what they do when they're at a game, what they look for in players, and decoding scout-speak. Finally, the guys emptied the listener mailbag.
April 7, 2015 Episode 72, Season preview with Matthew Kory. It's that time! Chris and Ian welcomed special guest Matthew Kory of Over the Monster, Forbes, Baseball Prospectus, and sundry other publications of varying repute to talk about what storylines we're looking forward to following in the minor league system in 2015. How will all the infielders in Greenville get playing time? How many of the prospect-laden PawSox have a future in the organization? Are Portland and Salem as bad as the rosters look at first glance, or is there intrigue there? Listen and learn! Plus, the debut of Turkey Facts!
March 25, 2015 Episode 71, Spring Training Reports! The boys are back... from Fort Myers! Chris, Ian, and Matt had a ton of stuff to report back from the staff's annual trip to Spring Training. We got our first look at Yoan Moncada, as well as updated looks at Rafael Devers, Michael Chavis, and others! Which sleepers looked poised to break out? What new guys impressed? All that and more in this action-packed episode!
February 23, 2015 Episode 70, Yoan Moncada signs, Ben Badler Talks, PawSox sold! A couple of bombshells dropped on the SoxProspects landscape on Monday morning, so we just had to get on the horn post haste! First, we talked with Baseball America's Ben Badler about the Red Sox reaching an agreement to sign Cuban phenom Yoan Moncada, discussing the ins and outs of who Moncada is and could become, as well as the signing's impact. Afterwards, we gabbed about a few more points on the Moncada signing before getting into the sale of the Pawtucket Red Sox and their potential move to Providence.
2014 Podcasts  
December 15, 2014 Episode 69, Hot Stove on High. Well, that was a week wasn't it? With the Red Sox trading Allen Webster, Rubby De La Rosa, Raymel Flores, Yoenis Cespedes, Alex Wilson, Gabe Speier, and Myles Smith in deals for Wade Miley, Rick Porcello, and Zeke Spruill, as well as signing former number 1 prospect Justin Masterson (oh, and there was the failed pursuit of Jon Lester), Chris and Matt had plenty to talk about. Plus, your emails asked about who will lead off and about the defensive prowess of Christian Vazquez and Blake Swihart.
December 1, 2014 Episode 68, Chris Mellen returns with BP's #diesel top 10. Within a week of the major league club making a pair of huge signings in Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez, Baseball Prospectus has dropped its Red Sox Top 10 prospects list (subscription req'd), which means one thing... the return of Chris Mellen to the podcast! Hatfield, Matt, and Ian welcomed back the Dean of #diesel, now one of the men in charge of the BP prospect team, to discuss BP's list and the state of the farm.
November 21, 2014 Episode 67, Reserved at the Reserve List Deadline. Thursday's reserve list deadline came and went without much fanfare, but that doesn't mean there was nothing to talk about. While the roster additions were the four we all expected, Chris and Matt ran through those who were not added to the 40-man roster and may be potential selections in next month's Rule 5 Draft. Of course, that wasn't all that happened this week, so the guys said goodbye with a look back at Alex Hassan's time with the organization, then moved on to shiny new toy Juan Francisco and what he brings to the Red Sox. Finally, a pair of listener emails led to discussions of Cuban free agent Yoan Moncada and whatever happened to Jose Vinicio.
November 12, 2014 Episode 66, Deluxe discussion of Instructs, and the Mailbag! A long-time coming, Chris, Ian, and Matt got on the horn to talk about Ian's trip to the Fall Instructional League! Michael Kopech, Rafael Devers, Michael Chavis, Javier Guerra, Jake Cosart, and many more players were in our Director of Scouting's crosshairs. Also on the agenda: a quick run through the offseason leagues, with a chat about what to make of the numbers put up by Sean Coyle, Deven Marrero, and Robby Scott in the Arizona Fall League. PLUS, a listener mailbag spectacular! What should the Sox do with their glut of upper-minors pitching? Who did we like in Lowell this year? What does next year's draft look like? The answers to those and more await!
November 5, 2014 Episode 65, Alex Speier talks BA's Top 10. It's rankings season! Our friend Alex Speier of published his Red Sox Top 10 Prospects for Baseball America recently, so we had him on the pod to talk about his rankings and to pick his brain about the state of the Red Sox system. We're talking top 10, graduates, sleepers, disappointments and more! Even colossal squids! There's only one way to hear it all - hit that download!
September 22, 2014 Episode 64, Playing Out the Stretch. Things are bad in Boston and the minor league season is over, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to talk about! Chris and Ian got on the horn to take your emails, talk about the recently released Fall Instructional League roster, and project who the Red Sox might protect in December's Rule 5 draft.
September 7, 2014 Episode 63, Just Sayin' Hi. It took a bit, but the good news is that SoxProspects South is fully operational and the podcast is back! Matt relays his observations from Pawtucket, and Chris brings some goodies from catching Salem in Frederick. Then we finally get to a couple of your emails, answering questions about Jackie Bradley, Deven Marrero, Rafael Devers, and Michael Chavis.
August 1, 2014 Episode 62, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Trade Deadline. After the craziest Red Sox trade deadline in recent memory, Chris, Matt, and Ian were ready to break it all down. What's up with all the young, upper-minors pitchers? Who exactly did the Sox get? What on earth does the roster look like now? We've got all of your answers here.
July 21, 2014 Episode 61, Wild Turkeys, July 2, and the Draft. Chris got Matt and Ian on the horn to talk about the recent big dates on the player acquisition calendar: the July 2 opening of the international signing period, and the July 18 draft signing deadline. Did the Red Sox screw up by going over their international pool allotment to sign one extra pitcher? Did anything interesting happen among the draftees? Listen and find out!
July 7, 2014 Episode 60, Midseason Review, Pt. 2. Fresh off the heels of the first half of the midseason review, Chris, Ian, and Jon got back on the horn for part two, taking a look at how things have gone in Salem, Portland, and Pawtucket so far. We also took some of your emails, answering your questions about Mookie Betts, Garin Cecchini, and the draft! Want to impress your friends at parties? Hit the download button!
July 3, 2014 Episode 59, Midseason Review, Pt. 1. Finally getting back onto the normal schedule, Chris, Ian, and Jon started our midseason review, taking a look at the season thus far in the DSL, GCL, Lowell, and Greenville. Hear the guys talk about who's up, who's down, and get the first of two rants in this two part episode as Chris vents about players in the GCL not actually playing. Oh, and the top prospect in the system got promoted to Boston this week, so of course we talked about Mookie Betts's arrival in Boston.
June 9, 2014 Episode 58, 2014 Draft Recap. It's the Podcast. Today's show, "2014 Draft Recap." Act One: Who'd We Pick? Chris talks with Matt and runs down the whole draft. Are these guys good? Where'd all the college seniors go? You'll hear the answers to these questions and more. Act Two: Scouting the Newbies. Chris gets Ian to dish on what he sees from the players selected in the first ten rounds in videos and scouting reports. From Chris's computer in Salem, New Hampshire, it's the Podcast. Stay with us.
May 27, 2014 Episode 57, Seeing the Sea Dogs. After a bit of a break, Chris, Matt, and Ian had some things to discuss. Ian and Chris have seen Portland recently, and they had plenty to dish after seeing one of the most prospect-laden teams in the country, on players like Mookie Betts, Blake Swihart, Henry Owens, Brian Johnson, Sean Coyle, and the very recently promoted Travis Shaw (so recent, that he was still in Portland when we recorded). We also answered your emails and talked about which prospects in the system are due for a promotion. You know Sergio? Join us!
April 14, 2014 Episode 56, Reports from The Bucket. With the first week-and-a-half in the books, Chris, Ian, and Matt got on the horn after Pawtucket's first homestand of the season to ruminate on the state of the system's Triple-A affiliate. The guys traded notes on Allen Webster, Anthony Ranaudo, Rubby De La Rosa, Garin Cecchini, and more. In addition, the guys took a quick spin around the other affiliates, highlighting the top performers so far on the young season, as well as answering a couple of your emails. FEEL THE POWER OF THE PODCAST!!
April 3, 2014 Episode 55, Opening Day Roster Round-up. Minor League Opening Day 2014 is here, and we're getting you ready! Chris, Jon, and Ian talked about the season-opening rosters at the four full-season affiliates, touching on Trey Ball and Ty Buttrey's absence from the Greenville roster, the conservative initial assignments of several pitchers, and of course the strongest (Pawtucket) and weakest (Salem, by far) rosters.
March 22, 2014 2014 Spring Training Daily, #3. On Saturday, the guys roamed the back fields for the A-ball and Rookie-level games, and there was plenty to see, first and foremost our first look at 2013 first-rounder Trey Ball. Chris also got an interview with Peter Hissey about his offseason teaching English in Ecuador and his thoughts entering his seventh year in the system.
March 21, 2014 2014 Spring Training Daily, #2. With three days of camp to catch up on, there was plenty for the guys to talk about. In the second dispatch from the Fort, the guys talk about what they've seen from Anthony Ranaudo, Allen Webster, Myles Smith, Garin Cecchini, Blake Swihart, Rafael Devers, and more!
March 20, 2014 2014 Spring Training Daily, #1. After the crew's first day(s) out on the back fields, Chris screwed up and deleted the audio from the short podcast we recorded. But don't worry - we'll do it right tomorrow. We still have an interview for all of you with PawSox broadcaster Jeff Levering about his take on the past five days of camp!
March 17, 2014 Episode 54,'s Jim Callis closes out the ranking season. What better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than with the final offseason ranking of the Red Sox top prospects? Longtime friend of the site Jim Callis, now part of's MLB Pipeline team, came on the podcast to chat about his new gig and his top 20 list. Topics ranged from why Jim thinks Mookie Betts is the best second baseman in the minors, how close Xander Bogaerts is to consensus top prospect Byron Buxton, and more!
March 3, 2014 Episode 53, Spring Training Mailbag. Chris, Jon, Ian, and, eventually, Matt thought it time to get to your emails, so that could mean one thing: mailbag podcast. You asked about first-timers in MLB camp, Steven Wright's place on the 40-man roster, trading with the Cubs, Garin Cecchini's chances of forcing his way into the Majors, and whether the Sox can continue to stay near the top of the farm system rankings, and we talked about all of it. Just how distracted can Chris be while a Sox-O's game is on in the background? Download and find out!
February 14, 2014 Episode 52, ESPN Insider Keith Law on ranking the Red Sox. We continued our offseason rankings conversations by chatting with ESPN's Keith Law. We asked Keith about how the Sox system compares to other top systems, how Garin Cecchini compares to Bill Mueller, who might be breaking into the top 10 in the future, and more! Who needs a Valentine's day date when you can listen to Chris, Matt, and Ian?
January 17, 2014 Episode 51, Convos from New Stars for Young Stars IX. No guest this week, but an action-packed episode nonetheless! Chris and Matt play some audio from Blake Swihart, Mookie Betts, and Drake Britton from New Stars for Young Stars, and along with Ian, get back to the inbox with more than a month of emails to answer. Questions hit on players changing positions, how the current crop of pitching prospects compares to past groups, the Rookie Development Program, and more. And in this episode's Where Are They Now?, we covered the prospects in the Erik Bedard trade.
January 6, 2014 Episode 50, Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus on the Red Sox Top 10 and #want. We've hit 50 episodes! To celebrate, Chris and Ian had a chat about Baseball Prospectus's Red Sox Top 10 list with BP's Jason Parks and our very own Chris Mellen. Discussion hit on Jason and the BP prospect team's process for making their lists, a rundown of the Parks vocabulary, and, put simply, every nook and cranny of BP's Red Sox list and beyond.
2013 Podcasts  
December 19, 2013 Episode 49, Alex Speier on Baseball America's Red Sox Top 10. It's ranking season! With the release of Baseball America's Red Sox Top 10 prospects list, we were joined by Alex Speier, also of, to talk about the list. We discussed his process for researching and writing the scouting reports and ranking the players, the tiers that developed at the top of the list and... well, too much stuff to recount here, but trust us, we talked about a lot of stuff. Just listen!
November 30, 2013 Episode 48, The Slow Season.  There may not be much going on, but Chris, Matt, and Jon still got up from their Thanksgiving naps to answer some reader questions. Among the subjects on tap were how contracts are calculated against the Competitive Balance Tax, how the Sox plan to use Cuban pitcher Dalier Hinojosa, what to make of Brian Johnson's 2013 season, and a lightning round of quick player questions. Inspired by a listener email, we debuted a new regular segment, tentatively called "Where Are They Now?", where we check in on former Sox prospects. Today, we look back at the prospects involved in the Adrian Gonzalez trade.
November 6, 2013 Episode 47, Off-season Preview. After shaking off their World Series hangovers, Chris, Matt, and Ian pulled themselves together to set up the offseason. Listener e-mails covered which upper-level pitchers might move to the bullpen, a review of who the heck Devern Hansack was, and how players get picked for the Arizona Fall League. The offseason preview covered the rest of the winter leagues, the Rule 5 draft, free agency, and everything you need to know to get you through until pitchers and catchers.
October 22, 2013 Episode 46, Listener Question Bonanza. During a lull before the World Series, Chris, Jon, and Ian got together to answer a bunch of your questions. Bogaerts and Workman on baseball's biggest stage! What players have made the biggest improvements this year? Who's everyone's next prospect binkie going to be? All this and much more await. Listen now!
September 24, 2013 Episode 45, SoxProspects 10-Year Anniversary.  Mike Andrews makes his triumphant return to the podcast to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the website with Chris. We tried our hardest not to make this a back-slapping, hey-remember-when yuk-fest. Did we succeed? Probably not. Stories from the site's inception and growth abound.
September 19, 2013 Episode 44, 2013 Season Wrap-up. Chris, Jon, and Ian (showing some #want by checking in from England) come dangerously close to the two-hour mark as they put a bow on the 2013 minor league season. Nearly no stone is left unturned as the guys go through the award winners and All-Stars. And as you might expect with an episode this long, things get a bit punchy. Dropped computers! WWE entrance music! LISTEN NOW!
August 27, 2013 Episode 43, Honkbal hits The Hub. Chris, Matt, Jon, and Ian got together for a super-size episode, leading off with their reaction to the call-up and usage of Xander Bogaerts in Boston. They also discussed some of the system's hottest players in Mookie Betts, Henry Owens, and Manuel Margot; the announcement of the Arizona Fall League rosters; the August promotions; and who might get the call to Boston in September. Plus, Jon tells a visitor that he's on a conference call.
August 5, 2013 Episode 42, 2013 Trade Deadline.  The podcast returns, as Chris chats with Matt and Ian about the three-team trade that brought Jake Peavy and Brayan Villarreal in exchange for Jose Iglesias, Frank Montas, Cleuluis Rondon, and JB Wendelken, including the players involved and repercussions going forward for the Red Sox. Plus, the guys gabbed a bit about the promotions of Anthony Ranaudo and Henry Owens.
July 15, 2013 Episode 41, Promotion Commotion. Chris is joined by Matt Huegel and Ian Cundall to talk about... well... everything that's happened since last episode, and that happens to be a lot of stuff. We hit the draft signing deadline. We hit the opening of the international signing season. We talk about the promotions of Brandon Workman, Drake Britton, and Mookie Betts. We talk about Brandon Jacobs getting traded to Chicago. We talk about the Futures Game. Why? Because we like you.
June 26, 2013 Episode 50, Oops Chris Did it Again. Well, a little over a year after the "forgot to hit record" incident, Chris screwed up and deleted the audio from the second half of last week's podcast. However, he made up for it by recording a new episode with Ian Cundall, going over the news--including Will Middlebrooks' demotion, Garin Cecchini's promotion, and Trey Ball's signing--before delving into the players to watch in Lowell and the GCL this year. Also, Chris sneezes really loudly during the middle and leaves it in to show he's a good sport.

This week we open with another track from Young London's new EP, Instincts, called "That Feeling." Check them out on iTunes, at, and on the Spotify stage at this summer's Warped Tour.
June 17, 2013 Episode 39, Mellen's Excellent Adventure. With Chris Mellen back from his yearly southern swing, the two unofficial members of SoxProspects South, Chris Hatfield and Jon Meoli, hit him with some questions about the players he saw at the two full-season A-ball affiliates. The guys also talked about Xander Bogaerts's promotion to Pawtucket, Jon Denney signing for way less than we thought he would, and the rest of the news.

This week's opening music is "Stuttering" by Young London. Check out their new EP, Instincts, which dropped last week, on iTunes, and see them on this summer's Warped Tour.
June 10, 2013 Episode 38, Draft Post-Mortem. After another big week for the Red Sox, Chris Hatfield, Matt Huegel, and Ian Cundall reviewed the results from the club's 2013 draft. They speculate on which of the highly-ranked high school players might sign, discuss their new draft binkies, and answer reader questions. Plus, the guys got to some news on the farm, including Xander Bogaerts's recent hot streak and potential to be promoted soon, Brandon Workman's actual promotion to Pawtucket, Jose Iglesias's official graduation to Boston, and the start of the Dominican Summer League. And, of course, Chris makes a bunch of references that nobody gets.

This week's opening music is "Lionheart" by the band Sirsy. Check 'em out at
June 6, 2013 Episode 37, Draft Day 1 Recap. With the Sox's selections of Trey Ball and Teddy Stankiewicz in the books, Chris Hatfield, Jon Meoli, and Ian Cundall evaluated the selections and speculated about the organization's potential strategy in its remaining picks.
June 3, 2013 Episode 36, Draft Preview Edition. Chris Hatfield, Ian Cundall, and Jon Meoli preview this week's draft. With the Sox picking at number 7 overall, excitement is high for the highest pick the club has had in years. The guys talk about the draft as a whole (not good), the Sox' recent draft history and strategy, and look at the players who may be the pick at number 7. Also, Chris chases a fly around his apartment and Ian watches a shaving commercial.
May 27, 2013 Episode 35, Iglesias to Third. Back on schedule, Chris Hatfield, Matt Huegel, and Ian Cundall discussed the news of the week, including what depth there is at third base in Pawtucket given Jose Iglesias's move over there in the majors and why Greenville's lineup is lacking a bit in prospect power. Listener questions included inquiries on Garin Cecchini, Brandon Workman, and Brandon Jacobs. Finally, we hit on what Jackie Bradley, Jr. has been up to since going back to Pawtucket, and discuss whether he'll be back soon.
May 21, 2013 Episode 34, First-hand Impressions.  After a short hiatus, the guys are back. Chris Hatfield, Matt Huegel, and Jon Meoli talk about the goings on in Pawtucket, Portland, and Salem, discussing players like Rubby De La Rosa, Xander Bogaerts, and Garin Cecchini, and also hit on what Mookie Betts is doing down in Greenville. Also Jon's roommate walks in and can be heard in the background at one point.
April 29, 2013 Episode 33, Best Starts to the Season. After a week off, Chris Hatfield, Matt Huegel, and Ian Cundall gabbed about the players who've had the best starts to the season, and what conclusions we can draw (hint: not many) from one month of data.
April 12, 2013 Episode 32, Welcome to the 2013 Season. The minor league season is just over a week old, and the SoxProspects team is already out there reporting from the field. On this episode, Chris gets on the horn with Jon Meoli, who was at Salem's season-opening series in Frederick, and Chris Mellen, who caught Portland's opener and hadn't been on yet to talk about Spring Training. Per Jon's request, we opened with some Justin Timberlake. Forgive us.
April 6, 2013 Episode 31, Minor League Spring Training. The guys discuss what they saw down at minor league spring training last week (which you can read up on at!), then analyze the Opening Day rosters at the Sox' four full-season affiliates. Also discussed: Jon Meoli's hair.
March 15, 2013 Episode 30, Spring Training. Chris Hatfield and Matt Huegel talk about the big stories from Spring Training so far, which in a happy coincidence are almost entirely prospect-related. Jackie Bradley, Allen Webster, Xander Bogaerts and more are on the agenda. Plus the fellas talk about battles for major league roster spots and discuss which projected 2013 roster is most intriguing to them.
January 27, 2013

Episode 29, New Stars. With some fresh audio from the Jimmy Fund's New Stars for Young Stars event, the guys discuss five players and their upcoming seasons.

2012 Podcasts  
December 30, 2012

After a four-month layoff, Chris Hatfield, Chris Mellen, Matt Huegel, and, eventually, Mike Andrews discussed the rising "new core" of homegrown Sox players, and how that core could be factoring in to the organization's planning. They also discussed their internal debates when ranking the system's top 10 prospects. A special thanks to The Ludlow Thieves for providing this episode's intro track, "All the Money."

August 22, 2012 With the dog days of the season upon us, Chris Hatfield, Chris Mellen, and Matt Huegel chatted about Xander Bogaerts and the exodus of talent from Salem to Portland, touching on what that says about the system on the whole, as well as who fans can expect to see called up to Boston when rosters expand. The guys also took questions from Twitter and discussed Mellen's burgeoning collection of Pauly Shore movies. Intrigued?
July 15, 2012 Buckle up! We've got a long one here, as Chris Hatfield, Chris Mellen, Matt Huegel and Ian Cundall discuss what's been going on in Pawtucket, Portland, AND Lowell, plus touch briefly on the end of the draft signing period and blow through a "short" 20-minute "lightning round."
June 24, 2012 We take a break from making you listen to us talk about the players and let you hear from the players themselves! Short interviews with Jose Iglesias, Deven Marrero, and Pat Light from LeLacheur Park in Lowell.
June 17, 2012 Chris, Chris, and Jon talk about the goings on in Salem and Greenville. Among the players they dished on: Matt Barnes, Xander Bogaerts, Jackie Bradley, Henry Owens, Blake Swihart, and Garin Cecchini. They also chatted briefly about Ryan Kalish's return to the major leagues and the growing list of Sox draft picks to sign.
June 10, 2012 Chris, Chris, and Matt chat about the draft, breaking down how things shook out in the first year under the new CBA and dishing out the scouting reports on Boston's picks.
May 22, 2012 In the re-boot of the Podcast, the guys chat about the big stories of the spring in the Red Sox system: Will Middlebrooks, Matt Barnes, and Jackie Bradley.
January 23, 2012 Ian, Chris, and Chris discuss off-season transactions, projections for Will Middlebrooks and Xander Bogaerts, and react to some player audio clips from New Stars for Young Stars.
2011 Podcasts  
November 23, 2011 Mike, Ian, Chris, and Chris talk about the new CBA, the Red Sox front office promotions, the AFL, winter leagues, the 40-man roster additions, minor league free agency, and the holes on the major league roster.
October 11, 2011 Mike, Mellen, and Hatfield discuss the Arizona Fall League, Fall Instructional League, and the World Cup.
September 13, 2011 Season wrap-up. Mike Andrews, Chris Mellen, Chris Hatfield, and Jon Meoli discuss the 2011 season and provide an early look at the 2012 season.
August 17, 2011 Chris Hatfield, Jon Meoli, and Matt Huegel recap the draft signing deadline.
August 1, 2011 Trade deadline Podcast.  Mike Andrews, Chris Mellen, Chris Hatfield, and Ian Cundall break down the two trades from trade deadline weekend.
July 13, 2011 Chris, Chris, and new podcasters Ian Cundall and Jon Meoli discuss some first-hand reports, the trade deadline, and the looming 40-man roster crunch.
June 2, 2011 Draft Preview Podcast. In the second half of the Podcast, we also cover our recent scouting trip to Greenville and Salem, as well as some recent observations from Pawtucket.
April 20, 2011 In our April podcast, we discuss the early returns for the 2011 season, what players might actually be due for an early promotion, and take some questions from the Twitterverse.
March 27, 2011 2011 season preview podcast.
February 23, 2011 We break our record for our longest podcast with a nine-topic spring preview and a discussion of what prospects we're most excited to follow in 2011.
January 25, 2011 In our first podcast of 2011, we cover the state of the system, the Adrian Gonzalez trade, and our early projections on 2011 roster assignments.
2010 Podcasts  
August 17, 2010 In the August podcast, we cover the draft signing deadline and discuss some first-hand reports from Salem and Lowell.
July 22, 2010 In our longest podcast to date, we discuss how the system stands at the halfway point of the season, the first month of short season ball, Ryan Kalish's future, and we also welcome guest Mike Newman from
June 7, 2010 Recap of day one of the 2010 draft.
June 4, 2010 2010 draft preview podcast.
May 13, 2010 In the second show of the season, we discuss the early season surprises and disappointments, a draft preview preview, and introduce Red Sox Nation to SoxProspects Triple Play.
April 5, 2010 Recorded on April 3, 2010.  The panel discusses their observations from minor league spring training and previews the 2010 season.  Panel includes Mike Andrews, Ian Theodoridis, Chris Hatfield, and Chris Mellen, as well as a guest appearance from Jonathan Singer.
2009 Podcasts  
December 21, 2009 The roundtable talks about off-season transactions, the fall and winter leagues, and prospect valuation.
September 29, 2009 The panel gets together for a post-mortem of the 2009 minor league season and what to look forward to going ahead.
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