2005 Red Sox Transactions

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December 2005

12/28/2005 Boston Sent Matt Ciaramella to Chicago (NL) to complete the deal for Jermaine Van Buren
NY Mets Signed Chad Bradford
12/26/2005 Toronto Signed Luis Figueroa to a minor league deal
12/23/2005 Boston Signed John Flaherty
Washington Signed Mike Stanton
12/20/2005 Boston Tendered contracts to Bronson Arroyo, Josh Beckett, and Guillermo Mota. Non-tendered Chad Bradford and Wade Miller.
NY (AL) Signed Johnny Damon.
12/19/2005 Boston Tony Graffanino accepted salary arbitration; Johnny Damon rejected salary arbitration. Agreed in principle to sign Rudy Seanez.
12/15/2005 Minnesota Signed Shawn Wooten to a minor league contract
12/14/2005 LA (NL) Signed Bill Mueller
12/12/2005 Boston Signed Ken Huckaby to a minor league contract
12/9/2005 NY (AL) Signed Mike Myers
12/8/2005 Boston Acquired Andy Marte from Atlanta for Edgar Renteria and cash considerations. Selected Jamie Vermilyea in the Major League phase of the Rule 5 Draft; Selected Victor Ramos, Jason Richardson, and David Bacani in the Minor League phase.
Pittsburgh Selected Henry Cabrera in the Minor League phase of the Rule 5 Draft
St. Louis Selected Vince Harrison in the Minor League phase of the Rule 5 Draft
12/7/2005 Boston Acquired Mark Loretta from San Diego for Doug Mirabelli. Offered salary arbitration to Johnny Damon, Bill Mueller, and Tony Graffanino. Declined to offer salary arbitration to Matt Mantei, Mike Myers, Kevin Millar, and John Olerud.  Signed Devern Hansack to a minor league deal.
12/6/2005 Boston John Olerud retired
12/1/2005 Boston Acquired Jermaine Van Buren from the Chicago Cubs for a PTBNL or cash considerations


November 2005

11/24/2005 Boston Acquired Josh Beckett, Guillermo Mota, and Mike Lowell from the Florida Marlins for Hanley Ramirez, Anibal Sanchez, Harvey Garcia, and Jesus Delgado
11/19/2005 NY Mets Purchased the contract of Juan Perez from Boston
11/18/2005 Boston Purchased the contracts of Jesus Delgado, Harvey Garcia, Jon Lester, Brandon Moss, David Murphy, and David Pauley. Released Gabe Kapler.
11/17/2005 Boston Signed Mike Bumatay as a minor league free agent
11/16/2005 Boston Released Manny Rafael, Argimiro Guanchez, Billy Phillips, and Modesto Ozuna
11/11/2005 Chunichi Signed Denny Tomori
11/3/2005 Texas Signed Adam Hyzdu to a minor league contract
11/2/2005 Boston Resigned Mike Timlin


October 2005

10/26/2005 Boston Signed  Marc Deschenes. Released Steve Langone, Dave Pahucki, and Billy Simon.
10/20/2005 Boston Signed Chih-Hsien Chiang as an international free agent
10/16/2005 Boston Released Jeremi Gonzalez, Mike Stanton, and Chad Harville
10/15/2005 Boston Released Adam Hyzdu, purchased the contract of Edgar Martinez from Portland.
10/4/2005 Boston Released Rich Garces
10/3/2005 Boston Set ALDS roster. Placed Keith Foulke, Lenny DiNardo, Manny Delcarmen, Craig Hansen, Mike Stanton, Chad Harville, Kelly Shoppach, Roberto Petagine, Hanley Ramirez, Adam Stern, and Gabe Kapler on the Inactive List.


September 2005

9/29/2005 Boston Acquired Mike Stanton from Washington for Yader Peralta and Rhys Taylor. Placed Wade Miller on the 60-day DL. Voided the contract of Michel Abreu
9/19/2005 Boston Recalled Hanley Ramirez and Craig Hansen to Boston
9/15/2005 Boston Purchased the contract of Adam Hyzdu from Pawtucket. Released Matt Perisho.
9/11/2005 Portland Wade Miller placed in Portland on rehab assignment. Activated Craig Hansen and placed Kyle Jackson on the TIA.
9/8/2005 Boston Signed Michel Abreu and Leandro Marin to minor league contracts
Lowell Kyle Fernandes placed in Lowell from Greenville
9/6/2005 Boston Recalled Manny Delcarmen and Kelly Shoppach from Pawtucket and activated Adam Stern from the disabled list
Portland Activated Edgar Martinez from the DL, added Charlie Zink from Pawtucket, and placed Craig Hansen on the TIA
9/4/2005 Greenville Recalled Kyle Fernandes from the GCL
9/3/2005 Pawtucket Recalled Chuck Jeroloman from Greenville and placed Jack Cressend on the TIA
9/2/2005 Boston Recalled Lenny DiNardo
Wilmington Recalled Gene Flores from Lowell
9/1/2005 Boston Purchased the contract of  Matt Perisho and recalled Alex Machado. Activated Keith Foulke from the DL. Activated Chad Harville.
Portland Placed Edgar Martinez on the DL


August 2005

8/31/2005 Boston Recalled Kevin Youkilis and optioned Manny Delcarmen to Pawtucket
Portland Kyle Jackson recalled from Greenville
8/30/2005 Boston Recalled Manny Delcarmen and optioned Abe Alvarez to Pawtucket
8/29/2005 Boston Claimed Chad Harville off waivers. Placed Adam Stern in Pawtucket on rehab assignment.
NY (AL) Signed Mark Bellhorn
Portland Zach Borowiak promoted from Wilmington
Wilmington Recalled Luis Segovia from the GCL
8/28/2005 Boston Recalled Abe Alvarez from Pawtucket and designated Mike Remlinger for assignment
8/27/2005 Boston Placed Keith Foulke in Lowell on rehab assignment
Pawtucket Placed Luis Figueroa on the TIA. Activated Jeff Bailey and recalled Charlie Zink from Portland
Portland Barry Hertzler promoted from Wilmington.  Raul Nieves placed on the TIA.
Wilmington Ian Cronkhite promoted from Greenville. Kyle Tabeek promoted from the GCL
Greenville Activated Harvey Garcia
8/26/2005 Boston Released Mark Bellhorn
Pawtucket Released Ricky Bottalico and activated Mike Lockwood
Greenville Placed Beau Vaughan on the DL and recalled Junior Moreno from the GCL
Lowell Promoted Tim Cox from the GCL
8/24/2005 Portland Chad Spann and Matt Van Der Bosch promoted from Wilmington. Placed Sheldon Fulse on the DL
Wilmington Bret LeVier assigned to Wilmington from Portland. Claudio Arias promoted to Wilmington from Greenville
Greenville Activated Tony Granadillo and Matt Ciaramella. Sent Pat Perry to Lowell
8/23/2005 Boston Activated Trot Nixon and optioned Lenny DiNardo to Pawtucket
Lowell Ricky Sanchez promoted from GCL
8/21/2005 Wilmington Activated Matt Goodson and released Pete Fisher
8/20/2005 Boston Recalled Lenny DiNardo from Pawtucket and placed Adam Stern on the 15-day DL
8/19/2005 Boston Designated Mark Bellhorn for assignment. Placed Trot Nixon in Pawtucket on rehab assignment
Lowell Yader Peralta recalled from the GCL
8/16/2005 Boston Activated John Olerud from the DL and optioned Kevin Youkilis to Pawtucket
8/15/2005 Boston Recalled Jon Papelbon and optioned Manny Delcarmen to Pawtucket
Pawtucket Activated Tony Schrager
8/13/2005 Portland Activated Kason Gabbard and released Jason Pearson
Wilmington Traded Dirimo Chavez to the NY Mets for a PTBNL
8/12/2005 Boston Acquired Tony Schrager from Los Angeles to complete an earlier deal for Jose Cruz Jr. Signed Vince Harrison
8/11/2005 Portland Recalled Craig Hansen from GCL and returned Brantley Jordan to Greenville
8/10/2005 Portland Brantley Jordan recalled from Greenville
Wilmington Activated Mickey Hall and released Bryan Goelz
Greenville Dustin Kelly sent to Lowell
8/9/2005 Boston Acquired Mike Remlinger from Chicago (NL) for Olivo Astacio. Placed Wade Miller on the 15-day DL. Traded Jose Cruz Jr. to Los Angeles (NL) for a PTBNL (Tony Schrager).
Portland Sent Scott Shoemaker to Wilmington
Greenville Matt Ciaramella placed in the GCL on rehab assignment
8/8/2005 Boston Recalled Kevin Youkilis from Pawtucket and designated Jose Cruz Jr. for assignment. Signed Ricky Bottalico and assigned him to Pawtucket
St. Louis Claimed Chris Narveson off waivers
Portland Placed Kason Gabbard on the DL and activated Chris Smith
GCL Activated Michael Bowden and Scott Blue
8/6/2005 Pawtucket Signed Matt Perisho
GCL Released John Jefferson. Placed Tony Granadillo in the GCL on rehab
8/5/2005 Wilmington Placed Steve Langone on the DL, recalled Travis Rios from the GCL
8/4/2005 Boston Purchased the contract of Roberto Petagine from Pawtucket and placed John Olerud on the DL. Designated Chris Narveson for assignment.
GCL Craig Hansen assigned to the GCL Red Sox and released Junior Frias. Chris Smith placed in the GCL on rehab
8/3/2005 Pawtucket Placed Jeff Bailey on the DL. Adam Hyzdu assigned from Boston. Scott Shoemaker sent to Portland.
Wilmington Luis Mendoza cleared waivers and was assigned to Wilmington
8/2/2005 Boston Received Jose Cruz Jr to the 25-man roster and optioned Jon Papelbon to Pawtucket
8/1/2005 Pawtucket Mark Bellhorn placed in Pawtucket on rehab assignment
Wilmington Promoted Mike James from Greenville
Greenville Promoted Brian Marshall from Lowell
GCL Rich Garces assigned to the GCL


July 2005

7/31/2005 Boston Purchased the contract of Jon Papelbon from Pawtucket. Optioned Lenny DiNardo to Pawtucket. Designated Luis Mendoza for assignment and waived him.
Portland Recalled Brett LeVier from Greenville
Greenville Activated Ian Cronkhite and recalled Henry Cabrera from the GCL
7/30/2005 Boston Activated Gabe Kapler from the DL. Designated Adam Hyzdu for assignment. Acquired Jose Cruz Jr. from Arizona for Kyle Bono and Kenny Perez
Wilmington Placed Mickey Hall in the GCL on rehab assignment
7/29/2005 NY (AL) Signed Alan Embree
Portland Activated Raul Nieves
Wilmington Placed Matt Goodson on the DL
Greenville Activated Chuck Jeroloman
7/28/2005 Boston Claimed Luis Mendoza off waivers from San Diego and assigned him to Wilmington
7/27/2005 Boston Recalled Lenny DiNardo from Pawtucket. Placed Trot Nixon on the 15-day DL
Pawtucket Scott Shoemaker promoted from Greenville
7/26/2005 Boston Recalled Manny Delcarmen from Pawtucket. Designated John Halama for assignment. Signed Rich Garces to a minor league deal
Pawtucket Marc Deschenes promoted from Portland
Lowell Promoted Chris Jones from GCL
7/23/2005 Boston Signed draft pick Craig Hansen. Transferred Matt Mantei to the 60-day DL
Portland Stefan Bailie retired
Lowell Hunter Jones assigned to Lowell. Kyle Tabeek transferred to GCL
GCL Chris Jones assigned to the GCL Red Sox. Ian Cronkhite placed in the GCL on rehab.
7/22/2005 Pawtucket Gabe Kapler assigned from Lowell to Pawtucket on rehab
Greenville Dustin Kelly promoted from Lowell. Signed Roger Lincoln
7/21/2005 Portland Edgar Martinez and Scott Youngbauer promoted from Wilmington. Sent Justin Sturge to Wilmington. Placed Raul Nieves on the DL
Wilmington Ryan Schroyer and Dirimo Chavez promoted from Greenville. Brett Rudrude assigned from Portland. Travis Rios sent to GCL.
7/20/2005 Boston Activated Tony Graffanino and optioned Kevin Youkilis to Pawtucket. Placed Gabe Kapler in Lowell on rehab assignment.
7/19/2005 Boston Designated Alan Embree and Chris Smith for assignment. Traded Scott Cassidy to San Diego for Adam Hyzdu. Traded Juan Cedeno and Chip Ambres to Kansas City for Tony Graffanino
Pawtucket Activated Dave Berg
7/18/2005 Boston Placed Mark Bellhorn on the 15-day DL, recalled Kevin Youkilis from Pawtucket. Signed draft pick Chris Jones and undrafted free agent Hunter Jones.
Pawtucket Cla Meredith retuned from Wilmington
7/17/2005 Greenville Kevin Guyette promoted to Greenville from Lowell. Placed Harvey Garcia on the DL
Lowell TJ Large assigned to Lowell
7/15/2005 Boston Signed Gabe Kapler and placed him on the 15-day DL.
Wilmington Pete Fisher demoted from Portland
7/14/2005 Greenville Bret LeVier returned from Portland. Placed Chuck Jeroloman on the DL.
7/13/2005 Boston Acquired Chad Bradford from Oakland for Jay Payton. Activated Curt Schilling. Optioned Kevin Youkilis to Pawtucket. Outrighted Scott Cassidy to Pawtucket. Signed draft pick TJ Large. Released Heriberto Guzman. Voided the contract of Tommy Boss.
Pawtucket Sent Cla Meredith to Wilmington. Placed Dave Berg on the DL
7/12/2005 Greenville Promoted Jeff Natale from Lowell
7/11/2005 Pawtucket Signed Kevin Frederick and placed him on the DL
Lowell Activated Jed Lowrie and Jacoby Ellsbury
7/10/2005 Portland Recalled Bret LeVier from Greenville. Activated Chris Durbin and Randy Beam
7/8/2005 San Diego Claimed Luis Mendoza off waivers
7/7/2005 Boston Traded Ramon Vazquez to Cleveland for Alex Cora. Activated Adam Stern from the 60-day DL. Returned Lenny DiNardo to Pawtucket. Waived Luis Mendoza.
Portland Placed Randy Beam on the Temporary Inactive List.  Returned Alex Gonzalez to GCL. Placed Brett Rudrude in the GCL on rehab assignment. Placed Stefan Bailie on the DL.
7/6/2005 Boston Placed Keith Foulke on the 15-day DL. Purchased the contract of Scott Cassidy from Pawtucket. Designated Jay Payton for assignment
Pawtucket Manny Delcarmen promoted from Portland
Portland Signed Jason Pearson and Jimmy Mann
Wilmington Placed Dave Pahucki on the DL and called up Travis Rios. Activated Dusty Brown and Ian Bladergroen. Released Clint Chauncey.
Greenville Signed Brantley Jordan
7/5/2005 Portland Alex Gonzalez promoted to Portland from GCL
Greenville Randy Newsom promoted from Lowell
Lowell Jacoby Ellsbury and Jed Lowrie assigned to Lowell.  Sent Junior Frias to GCL.
7/4/2005 Wilmington Promoted Matt Goodson from Greenville
7/3/2005 Boston Optioned Ramon Vazquez and Abe Alvarez to Pawtucket and recalled Lenny DiNardo and Jeremi Gonzalez from Pawtucket.
Pawtucket Jon Papelbon promoted to Pawtucket from Portland
Portland Anibal Sanchez promoted to Portland from Wilmington
Lowell Released Tim Burgess. Sent Carl Lipsey to GCL.
7/2/2005 Boston Recalled Abe Alvarez from Pawtucket and placed Matt Mantei on the DL
Greenville Jeff Corsaletti assigned to Greenville
7/1/2005 Boston Signed draft picks Jacoby Ellsbury and Jed Lowrie. Signed undrafted free agent Travis Rios and assigned him to GCL
Portland Activated Sheldon Fulse and Pete Fisher, placed Chris Durbin and Chris Smith on the DL


June 2005

6/30/2005 Boston Signed undrafted free agents Billy Phillips, Tommy Boss, Zak Farkes, and Kyle Tabeek. Assigned Tabeek and Farkes to Lowell.
Wilmington Placed Ian Bladergroen in GCL on rehab
Greenville Patrick Perry promoted from Lowell to Greenville. Dirimo Chavez sent from Wilmington to Greenville. Mitch Stachowsky and Randy Newsom sent from Greenville to Lowell. John de Vries promoted from Greenville to Wilmington. Claudio Arias promoted from GCL to Greenville
6/29/2005 Boston Assigned Curt Schilling to Pawtucket on rehab assignment
6/28/2005 Boston Signed Dane Towery and John Jefferson as undrafted free agents, assigned them to GCL
Pawtucket Denny Tomori assigned to Portland
Portland Released Phil Devey
Lowell Brian Marshall assigned to Lowell
6/27/2005 Greenville Assigned Jeff Natale to Lowell
GCL Assigned Sheldon Fulse to Lowell on rehab from Portland
6/23/2005 Boston Assigned Adam Stern to Pawtucket on a rehab assignment. Signed draft picks Clay Buchholz, Jonathan Egan, Scott Blue, and Michael Bowden
Greenville Placed Tony Granadillo on the DL, recalled Beau Vaughan
GCL Set GCL Roster, Dusty Brown and Claudio Arias assigned to GCL
6/22/2005 Pawtucket Recalled Dustin Pedroia and Jeff Bailey from Portland; sent Jim Buckley to Portland; traded Tim Hummel to St. Louis for a PTBNL
Portland Activated Hanley Ramirez
6/20/2005 Wilmington Activated Felix Romero from the suspended list
Greenville Jeff Natale and Randy Newsom assigned to Greenville
Lowell Adam Blackley and Modesto Ozuna assigned to Lowell
6/18/2005 Boston Announced the signings of draft picks Yahmed Yema, J.T. Zink, Ismael Casillas, Kyle Fernandes, Jay Johnson, Matt Mercurio, Dominic Ramos, James Baxter, Carl Lipsey, Jason Twomley, Ricky Sanchez, Matt Hancock, Jeff Natale, Bubba Bell, and Blake Maxwell, and undrafted free agents Gene Flores Alex Gonzalez, and Jason Hurst.
6/18/2005 Portland Activated Stefan Bailie and returned Dirimo Chavez to Wilmington
6/15/2005 Lowell Boston assigned Clay Buchholz, Yahmed Yema, J.T. Zink, Ismael Casillas, Jay Johnson, Matt Mercurio, Dominic Ramos, James Baxter, Carl Lipsey, Jason Twomley, Matt Hancock, Blake Maxwell, Kevin Guyette, Mark Wagner, and  Gene Flores  to Lowell.
6/13/2005 Wilmington Signed Scott Youngbauer, assigned Dustin Kelly and Willy Mota to Lowell
6/11/2005 Boston Activated Doug Mirabelli and optioned Kelly Shoppach to Pawtucket. Placed Denny Tomori on the DL.
Portland Placed Hanley Ramirez and Pete Fisher on the DL, recalled Dirimo Chavez and Randy Beam.
Wilmington Activated Dave Pahucki
Greenville Activated Scott Shoemaker and added Jon de Vries, placed Matt Ciaramella and Ian Cronkhite on the DL
GCL Released Horacio Estrada, Ryan Hannaman, and Andrew Ehrlich
6/10/2005 Portland Activated Jeremy West and placed Stefan Bailie on the DL
6/7/2005 Wilmington Recalled Randy Newsom and Willy Mota, placed Felix Romero on the suspended list and Dave Pahucki on the DL
GCL Jose Capellan demoted from the GCL Red Sox to the DSL Red Sox
6/4/2005 Pawtucket George Lombard and Luis Figueroa reinstated from Temporary Inactive List. Released Billy McMillon.
Portland Placed Jeremy West on the DL, Raul Nieves assigned from Pawtucket
Wilmington Promoted Andrew Dobies from Greenville, assigned Jarrett Gardner to Greenville, placed Scott Shoemaker on the DL
6/1/2005 Pawtucket Recalled Raul Nieves from Portland, placed George Lombard on the Temporary Inactive List.
Portland Recalled Pete Fisher and sent Dave Pahucki to Wilmington. Activated Charlie Zink


May 2005

5/31/2005 Pawtucket Shawn Wooten accepted assignment to Pawtucket, Luis Figueroa placed on the Temporary Inactive List, Mitch Stachowsky returned to Greenville
5/28/2005 Portland Activated Chris Durbin and placed Charlie Zink on the DL
Wilmington Placed Mickey Hall on the DL, recalled Matt Van Der Bosch from Greenville
Greenville Recalled Chris Turner from Extended Spring Training
5/26/2005 Boston Purchased the contract of John Olerud and recalled Kelly Shoppach from Pawtucket, designated Shawn Wooten for assignment and optioned Jeremi Gonzalez to Pawtucket.
Pawtucket Received Adam Stern from Boston on 20-day rehab assignment, Tim Kester reinstated from the Temporary Inactive List
5/23/2005 Boston Signed 2004 draft pick Mike Jones
Pawtucket Recalled John Olerud from Extended Spring Training. Placed Tim Kester on the Temporary Inactive List
GCL Red Sox Released Jose Suarez
5/20/2005 Boston Placed Doug Mirabelli on the 15-Day DL, purchased the contract of Shawn Wooten; transferred Adam Stern from the 15-day DL to the 60-day DL
Pawtucket Mitch Stachowsky transferred from Greenville.
5/18/2005 Boston Activated David Wells and optioned Cla Meredith to Pawtucket
Pawtucket Traded Jason Kershner to San Diego for future considerations
5/16/2005 Pawtucket Recalled Jim Buckley and returned Charlie Zink to Portland
5/14/2005 Pawtucket Activated Anastacio Martinez
Wilmington Sent Ian Bladergroen to the DL, recalled Dustin Kelly
5/13/2005 Pawtucket Activated Roberto Petagine, transferred  Kenny Perez to Portland
Portland Placed Chris Durbin on the DL
Wilmington Recalled Steve Langone from extended spring training, released Joe Rogers
5/11/2005 Colorado Claimed Blaine Neal off waivers
5/8/2005 Boston Recalled Cla Meredith from Pawtucket, designated Blaine Neal for assignment, activated Wade Miller from the DL, optioned Lenny DiNardo to Pawtucket
Pawtucket Recalled Charlie Zink from Portland
Portland Activated Chris Smith
Greenville Sent Luis Soto to Lowell, recalled Austin Easley
5/5/2005 Pawtucket Placed Anastacio Martinez on the DL; Simon Pond traded to Baltimore for future considerations
Portland Activated Stefan Bailie
5/3/2005 Pawtucket Simon Pond recalled from Lowell; Cla Meredith recalled from Portland
Portland Sheldon Fulse placed on the DL
5/2/2005 Boston Purchased the contract of Jeremi Gonzalez from Pawtucket and designated Dave McCarty for assignment
5/1//2005 Boston Signed John Olerud to a minor league deal


April 2005

4/30/2005 Boston Recalled Kevin Youkilis, optioned Tim Bausher to Pawtucket
Wilmington Released Greg Stone, Bryan Pritz promoted to Wilmington
Greenville Activated Jesus Delgado off the DL, returned Yader Peralta to Lowell, promoted Ian Cronkhite from Lowell
4/29/2005 Boston Placed Curt Schilling on the 15-Day DL, recalled Tim Bausher from Pawtucket
Pawtucket Activated Denny Tomori
4/28/2005 Pawtucket Wade Miller assigned to Pawtucket
4/27/2005 Greenville Recalled Dustin Kelly, placed Chuck Jeroloman on the DL, sent Argimiro Guanchez to Lowell
4/25/2005 Boston Placed David Wells on the 15-Day DL, recalled Lenny DiNardo from Pawtucket
4/24/2005 Portland Released Mike O'Keefe and Talley Haines, activated Chris Durbin
4/21/2005 Pawtucket Activated Kenny Perez and placed Denny Tomori on the DL.
4/20/2005 Portland Wade Miller reassigned to Portland on rehab assignment
4/19/2005 Boston Extended the contract of Tim Wakefield
Portland Jeff Bailey assigned to Portland, Chris Durbin placed on the disabled list.
4/18/2005 Greenville Assigned Bryan Pritz and Yader Peralta to Greenville, placed Jesus Delgado on the disabled list
4/17/2005 Wilmington Activated Dusty Brown and released Pat Boran
4/16/2005 Wilmington Signed Brant Ust
4/15/2005 Pawtucket Released Mike Moriarty and John Stephens. Anastacio Martinez cleared waivers and was assigned to Pawtucket
Wilmington Wade Miller transferred to Wilmington
Greenville Activated Kyle Jackson, placed Claudio Arias on the DL.
4/13/2005 Boston Activated Curt Schilling from the 15-day disabled list.  Optioned Kevin Youkilis to Pawtucket
Nashua Nashua Pride signed John Nathans and Joe Kilburg
4/12/2005 Boston Wade Miller placed on rehab assignment in Greenville.
4/11/2005 Wilmington Placed Dusty Brown on the DL.
4/7/2005 Boston Mark Malaska cleared waivers and was assigned to Pawtucket
4/3/2005 Boston Organization set 2005 team rosters
4/2/2005 Boston Purchased the contract of first baseman David McCarty from Pawtucket. Designated Mark Malaska for assignment. Released Jason Childers, Mike Dennison, Cooper Eddy, Chris Farley, Nolan Moser, Mike Lopez-Cao, Tom Bawden, Robert Evans, Arthur Santos Devoris Williams, Derek McCall, Tom Cochran, Jake Glanzmann, Jason Howell, Kris Wilson, Josh McKinley, Jessie Corn, Lee Evans, Corey Willey, Brian Sellier, and Jason Ramos.
4/1/2005 Boston Placed Wade Miller, Curt Schilling, and Adam Stern on the 15-day disabled list.


March 2005

3/30/2005 Boston Acquired Chris Narveson, Charles Johnson, and cash considerations from Colorado for Byung-Hyun Kim. Designated Charles Johnson for assignment and released him.  Optioned Chris Narveson to Pawtucket. Signed Jared Sandberg and assigned him to Portland.
Somerset Somerset Patriots signed Jeremy Owens
3/29/2005 Boston Acquired Mike Myers from the St. Louis Cardinals in exchange for Carlos de la Cruz and Kevin Ool. Designated Anastacio Martinez for assignment.
3/28/2005 Boston Sent Carlos Torres to Washington to complete the deal for Alejandro Machado.
3/27/2005 Boston Re-assigned Jack Cressend, Jeremi Gonzalez, George Lombard, Billy McMillon, Roberto Petagine, and Shawn Wooten to minor league camp.
3/23/2005 Boston Optioned Lenny DiNardo and Mark Malaska to Pawtucket; re-assigned Jeff Bailey, Scott Cassidy, Tim Hummel, and Jason Kershner to minor league camp. Released Josias Manzanillo, Jon Wilson, David Penny, Mike Snapp, Greg Montalbano, John Wells, Erich Cloninger, Nathan Purvis, Brett Underwood, Tom Caple, and Jeff Justice.
3/22/2005 Boston Traded Adam Hyzdu to San Diego for Blaine Neal
3/20/2005 Boston Optioned Tim Bausher to Pawtucket and re-assigned Josias Manzanillo to minor league camp.
3/18/2005 Boston Optioned Kelly Shoppach to Pawtucket and Hanley Ramirez to Portland; Re-assigned Denny Tomori, Kris Wilson, Dave Berg, and Simon Pond to minor league camp.
3/15/2005 Boston Released Doug Fink, Melvin Reyes, and RJ Swindle; placed Lance Schartz on the voluntarily retired list; resigned Edgar Martinez.
Chicago-NL Signed Jesus Medrano and Bryan Hebson
Pittsburgh Signed James Johnson
Tampa Bay Signed Jay Sitzman
Philadelphia Signed Eric Glaser
Chicago-AL Signed Trace Coquillette
Detroit Signed Edwin Almonte
Florida Signed Gary Schneidmiller
3/14/2005 Boston Optioned Abe Alvarez and Alejandro Machado to Pawtucket; Optioned Chris Smith to Portland; Optioned Manny Delcarmen, Anibal Sanchez, Luis Mendoza, and Juan Cedeno to Wilmington; Re-assigned Kenny Perez and Chip Ambres to minor league camp.
GCL David Seccombe signed with an independent team
3/9/2005 NY Mets Signed Brian Daubach
3/3/2005 Boston Agreed to one-year contract terms with Abe Alvarez, Juan Cedeno, Manny Delcarmen, Mark Malaska, Anastacio Martinez, Luis Mendoza, Anibal Sanchez, Chris Smith, Kelly ShoppachHanley Ramirez, Kevin Youkilis, Adam Hyzdu, and Adam Stern.  Signed Pete Fisher and Darrell McCall to minor league contracts.
3/1/2005 Nippon Nippon of Japan agreed to terms with Brad Thomas


February 2005

2/25/2005 Kan. City Signed Carlos Febles to a minor league deal
2/17/2005 New York Yankees signed Ramiro Mendoza to a minor league deal
Fullerton Signed Josh Stevens
2/15/2005 Boston Acquired Alejandro Machado from Washington for a PTBNL (Carlos Torres) and cash
2/8/2005 Boston Signed Roberto Petagine to a minor league contract
NY Mets Signed Tim Hamulack to  minor league deal with an invitation to spring training
2/7/2005 Boston Signed Jason Childers and Luis Figueroa
St. Louis Signed Colin Young
Toronto Signed Matt Duff
2/4/2005 Texas Signed Pedro Astacio
2/1/2005 Boston Signed Dave Berg, Shawn Wooten, and Jeremi Gonzalez to minor league deals.  Invited Scott Cassidy, Jack Cressend, Jeremi Gonzalez, Josias Manzanillo, Kris Wilson, Jason Kershner, Jeff Bailey, Shawn Wooten, Dave Berg, Tim Hummel, Dave McCarty, Kenny Perez, Chip Ambres, George Lombard, Billy McMillon, and Simon Pond to spring training.


January 2005

1/29/2005 Pawtucket Announced the signings of Jack Cressend, Phil Devey, Bryan Goelz, Mike Moriarty, and the re-signings of  Phil Seibel, Tim Hummel, and George Lombard
Portland Resigned Mike Lockwood, Sheldon Fulse, and  Mike Lopez-Cao.  Signed Lee Evans
1/27/2005 Boston Signed Denny Tomori to a minor league deal with an invitation to spring training
Anaheim Signed Bo Donaldson
1/26/2005 Boston Acquired Ian Bladergroen from the New York Mets in exchange for Doug Mientkiewicz
Pawtucket Brett Roneberg was released from his contract
1/19/2005 Detroit Signed Sandy Martinez to a minor league contract and invited him to spring training
Seattle Signed Ricky Gutierrez to a minor league contract and invited him to spring training.
1/18/2005 Boston Agreed to terms on one-year contracts with Bronson Arroyo and Mark Bellhorn, avoiding salary arbitration with both players
Chicago-NL Signed Scott Williamson to a minor league deal
1/12/2005 Boston Agreed to a contract with Ramon Vazquez
1/11/2005 Los Angeles Signed Derek Lowe
Philadelphia Signed Terry Adams
1/9/2005 Pittsburgh Signed Cesar Crespo
1/8/2005 Boston Signed Dave McCarty to a minor league deal
1/7/2005 Boston Traded Mark Carter to Chicago (NL) for future considerations.
Milwaukee Milwaukee signed Jerome Gamble to a minor league contract
1/5/2005 Boston Boston signed Josias Manzanillo to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training
1/4/2005 Seattle Seattle signed Pokey Reese
1/3/2005 Boston Curtis Leskanic retired
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