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The following players will be eligible for selection in the Rule 5 Draft  in the December of the
stated year unless they are added to the 40-man roster on or before November 20 of that year

December 2018


December 2019


December 2020

Victor Acosta
Christopher Acosta
Yoan Aybar
Roldani Baldwin
Trey Ball
Juan Barriento
Edilson Batista
Eduard Bazardo
Danny Bethea
Jordan Betts
Marino Campana
Rusney Castillo
Michael Chavis
Luis Colmenares
Eduard Conde
Harrison Cooney
Jake Cosart
Ricardo Cubillan
Enmanuel De Jesus
Chad De La Guerra
Jhonathan Diaz
Jerry Downs
Nick Duron
Junior Espinoza
Willis Figueroa
Devon Fisher
Austin Glorius
Daniel Gonzalez
Juan Hernandez
Darwinzon Hernandez
Oscar Hernandez
Tyler Hill
Dedgar Jimenez
Trevor Kelley
Trenton Kemp
Matt Kent
Travis Lakins
Marcos Lantigua
Adam Lau
Deiner Lopez
Isaias Lucena
Chris Madera
Freiberg Marin
Danny Mars
Kyle Martin
Algenis Martinez
Tate Matheny
Kevin McAvoy
Daniel McGrath
Samuel Miranda
Joseph Monge
Jhon Nunez
Josh Ockimey
Angel Padron
Yorvin Pantoja
Yankory Pimentel
Jordan Procyshen
Roniel Raudes
Austin Rei
Hildemaro Requena
Denyi Reyes
Eddy Reynoso
Jeremy Rivera
Jake Romanski
Teddy Stankiewicz
Kevin Steen
Cole Sturgeon
Josh Taylor
Luke Tendler
Josh Tobias
Carlos Tovar
Kyri Washington
Jantzen Witte


Juan Carlos Abreu
Fabian Andrade
Ramfis Berroa
Gary Calvo
Pedro Castellanos
Lorenzo Cedrola
Jesus Chacon
CJ Chatham
Carlos Cortes
Bobby Dalbec
Santiago Espinal
Eric Filia
Juan Florentino
Victor Garcia
Jose Gonzalez
Matthew Gorst
Ronald Gutierrez
Nick Hamilton
Chad Hardy
Kyle Hart
Luis Hernandez
Andres Jimenez
Francisco Lopez-Soto
Nick Lovullo
Everlouis Lozada
Oddanier Mosqueda
Jared Oliver
Geraldo Perez
Juan Perez
Keibert Petit
Ronald Pulgar
Carlos Pulido
Manuel Ramirez
Luis Rivero
Kleiber Rodriguez
Jagger Rusconi
Alberto Schmidt
Nick Sciortino
Ryan Scott
Mike Shawaryn
Hunter Smith
Kervin Suarez
Reinaldo Ugueto


Rayniel Adames
Taylor Ahearn
Lewis Baez
Korey Behenna
Garrett Benge
Jose Bens
Andrew Carber
Kutter Crawford
Alberto Franco
Trey Ganns
Rafael Gomez
Rio Gomez
Jay Groome
Tanner Houck
Ivan Houellemont
Jose Larez
Xavier LeGrant
Dominic LoBrutto
Bryan Lucas
Charlie Madden
Alan Marrero
Joan Martinez
Bryan Mata
Jose Mejias
Alexander Montero
Rayniel Moreno
Juan Morillo
Brendan Nail
Brett Netzer
Tanner Nishioka
Durin O'Linger
Emerson Ortiz
Michael Osinski
Jeison Pena
Isaac Pinales
Antonio Police
Tanner Raiburn
Frankie Rios
Kelvin Sanchez
Yasel Santana
Zach Schellinger
Alex Scherff
Zach Sterry
Jake Thompson
Jordan Wren
Lukas Young


December 2021


December 2022


December 2023

Nelfy Abreu
Brayan Aquino
Brayan Aquino
Jecorrah Arnold
Korby Batesole
Brayan Bello
Johnny Bladel
Cole Brannen
Brian Brown
Marco Cardoso
Felix Cepeda
Andre Colon
Kole Cottam
Alejandro Crisostomo
Juan Crisostomo
Denny Daza
Osvaldo De La Rosa
Tyler Dearden
Jonathan Diaz
Danny Diaz
James Duran
Tyler Esplin
Durbin Feltman
Ryan Fitzgerald
Antoni Flores
Andres Gari
Angel Gonzalez
Devlin Granberg
Beau Hanna
Dylan HArdy
Hunter Haworth
Ruben Hernandez
Leonel Jimenez
Gilberto Jimenez
Yordin Lozano
Johan Martinez
Carlos Martinez
Robinson Montero
Luis Mota
Nixon Munoz
Jose Navas
Jonathan Ortega
Gabriel Perez
Aaron Perry
Andrew Politi
Justin Qiangba
Gabriel Quintero
Esteban Quiroz
Ceddanne Rafaela
Brandon Rincones
Jesus Rosillo
Gregori Segovia
Angel Sosa
Miguel Suero
Nelson Teran
Cristofe Tineo
Luis Torres
Wilker Vargas
Thad Ward
Grant Williams


Argenis Batista
Triston Casas
Erick Flores
Felix Gomez
Gamaliel Gonzalez
Yoelvis Guedez
Villarroel Irvin
Alvaro Leal
Breiner Licona
Angel Maita
Jesu Maita
Nick Northcut
Isaias Ozoria
Robinson Parra
Aldo Ramirez
Jose Ramirez
Oscar Rangel
Jorge Rodriguez
Juan Rojas
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Velez
Hansel Viola



Rule 5 Explained

Governing Rules. Rule 5 refers to Rule 5 of the Major League Rules.  Rule 6 of the Major League Rules also governs the return of players who were selected in the Rule 5 Draft.

Overview.  Organizations may select players from other organizations at the Rule 5 Draft in early December each year. In order to be eligible for selection, the player must have been in the original orginazation for a certain number of years (4 of 5 years depending on what age the player signed).  Players on 40-man rosters and free agents are not eligible for selection.  If selected, the player must spend the entire next season on the selectng club's roster, with limited exceptions, or the player must be offered back to the original club.  For information regarding players selected by and from the Red Sox in the Rule 5 Draft, see the SoxProspects Rule 5 Draft History Page.

The Rule 5 Draft is held annually at a time and place designated by the Commissioner -- typically in December on the last day of the Winter Meetings.

Eligibility. If the player is 18 years or younger on the June 5 preceding the player's original signing date, the player will be eligible to be selected at the fifth Rule 5 Draft following the player's signing date.  If the player is 19 years or older on the June 5 preceding the player's original signing date, the player will be eligible to be selected at the fourth Rule 5 Draft following the player's signing date. If the player signs after the season has been completed for the team to which his first contract assigns him, he is considered as having signed after that season's Rule 5 Draft.  For example, Luis Alexander Basabe signed on 8/26/2012 at age 16. However, because the DSL Red Sox season was completed on 8/25, he was considered to have signed after the 2012 Rule 5 Draft, and was therefore subject to selection at the fifth Rule 5 Draft following that draft, in 2017.

Protection and Phases. For the Major League Phase of the Rule 5 Draft, the club must add an eligible player to its 40-man roster on or before November 20 of the eligible draft year in order to protect the player from selection in the Rule 5 Draft.  For the Triple-A Phase of the Rule 5 Draft, the club must add an eligible player to its Triple-A Reserve List by that date.  The Triple A Reserve List is analagous to the 40-man roster of the Triple-A level.

Order. MLB clubs select in reverse order of winning percentage from the previous season, without regard to division standings or playoff results. In the case of a tie, order is determined based on the prior season's winning percentage (in reverse order). Each club has the right to select one player per round, and if the club does not select a player, it forfeits its right of selection for the entire phase. When a round is complete, the process will continue until all teams have passed.

Rule 6.  Under Rule 6, players selected in the Major League Phase must spend one year on the selecting team's major league roster (active roster or DL) or the selecting team must offer the player back to his original team. The player must also be active for at least 90 days before that player is optioned, or the player must be offered back to the original club. Similarly, players selected in the Triple-A phase of the draft must be kept on the Triple-A Reserve list or higher during the season following the draft, but are not required to actually play the entire season in Triple-A.

Payment. The selecting team must pay the player's original team $50,000 for a selection in the Major League Phase and $12,000 for a selection in the Triple-A Phase.

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